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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Best Islander yet? Port Jefferson GMT Skin Diver!

Marc from has been going strength to strength with his recent releases. I think this newest Travelers GMT might just be t...

Hermétique (3D) Indices

Wanted to try and show the #baltic Hermétique Indices. 🧪 Super-Luminova C3 X1, but it’s an entire block of lume. Never seen this before. Granted it’s...

🚨DC Watch Show - This Weekend

This was fun in 2022 (pics from then) I’m not big social person, but wouldn’t mind saying hey to some folks. Oh and my ugly mug with and my goat beard...

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commented on Brazilianquickfingers's WRUW ·

Haha gonna meet them tomorrow, and what a problem to have 😁✌️

And Gorging shot!

commented on Why would you buy that when you could have had this ·

That an old Vette? What awesome curves 😍

commented on Why would you buy that when you could have had this ·


Go back and show them this video on the Mustang Dark Horse vs. the M4!!! 🤪

Joking aside, some people need to mind their own business 90% of the time 🖖🏾

commented on March Watch of the Month ·

Love this model. I love how they went for that “Bakelite” look on the bezel. The work they put in to make that vintage look is unmatched (for this price point and even above).

commented on solidyetti's WRUW ·

Dude that compass goes perfectly with the Neptune 👌

commented on tempuslatro's WRUW ·

Congrats, I dig that they did a unique Tritium colorway for this. 🔥

commented on Phoibos x Islander limited edition ·


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Traveler GMT 🚨Affordable

Traveler GMT Miyota 9075 from ( last image credit ) Pros: Absolutely over the moon (Venus?) over this red ❤️ and the dial...

The (mostly indoor) Adventure begins

My 1st #baltic with the Hermétique. 🤎 Brown FKM strap on 6.5~6.75 inch wrist. The dial (37mm) is amazing 🙌