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Is this Fake? They started to make fake Grand Seikos now??

Is this fake? Somebody sells this watch with quite a very low price. I have a hunch this is fake.

When this will stop?

Just gathered all my watches together and realised that I have almost as many watches as my age... when this will stop?

Tissot Seastar A580 -1970(something)

This gem arrived on my desk, with an amazing price of 120€. And wasn't able to find any information about it. Lucky that this also has the original bo...

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commented on sabzg89's WRUW ·

No Idea, never tried it 😂

commented on Help and thoughts 😊 ·

Your collection needs a Tudor or Omega 😍

commented on When this will stop? ·

Those fakes I have them when I was a maritime cadet and earned about 300€ per month. I bought them with my first salary because those were the only watches they brought onboard in China. I had no watch then and I was super poor. For me those worth more than money. It's not about the fake or not its about how those meant for me at that age. And yes, 14 years later those still work like a genuine one. So please enjoy the rest of my collection it still has some originals within. Thanks!

commented on When this will stop? ·

4 actually, I am preety satisfied with the quality vs price ratio. They have a seiko movement and seem to be preety accurate. You should give it a try.

commented on When this will stop? ·

I'm 34 to 35 still 5 behind 😂

commented on When this will stop? ·

Don't be fooled by those in the right ( omega and breitling ) those are replicas that have more sentimental value than material one.

commented on Anyone has a wrist shot with this Doxa? ·

Also the price at my local retailer with discount is 180€

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Anyone has a wrist shot with this Doxa?

I am looking for a review on this specific Doxa model, but I did not find something relevant so far. Doxa New style Chrono -

Sometimes in life you just have to Relax...

And let the time pass by

Who can relate?


Certina DS Podium Chronograph Brown Dial Ladies Watch

That moment when you are in a watchshop and you see a nice square watch and you find out that this is a lady's watch 😅

Is this worth 925$ ?

Hi, I am very moved by the beauty of this Longines Herotage Flagship watch and I want to know if the price tag for this watch-preowned is right.

A gem in this useless pile of trash

I went to my in laws at the country side and discovered some old scrap watches. Among these ruins I came upon this beautiful Seiko 1996, 876A. Can't w...