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An Interview with Marc of Islander Watches!

Many of us really do love Marc from Islander, here is a link to his chat on Worn & Wound with Kat & James :)

2 Bigs and a Small: Your Top 3

So, we probably know the game 2 Truths and a Lie…I’d like to kick off a new one, 2 Bigs and a Small. If you were asked to rank YOUR Top 2 favorite Big...

Review of the Primitive Haus Timekeeper Type-A (White Dawn)

This is a quick initial impression and review of the Primitive Haus Timekeeper Type-A (White Dawn). Note that this watch was purchased by me and no co...

Primitive Haus Timekeeper Type-A

4.4 Avg. Score

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commented on My copy of Wrist Watch Annual arrived today ·

You’re the man!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

commented on My copy of Wrist Watch Annual arrived today ·


commented on My copy of Wrist Watch Annual arrived today ·

Man, can you share some pics of a few pages from the interior. I’m in the same boat as others in being interested!!!

commented on What's going on on Etsy? ·

Steer clear brother….Etsy’s counterfeit dept hasn’t been able to keep up.

commented on What's the swiss word for Zaratsu? ·

You mean the German word that the Japanese borrowed that the Swiss work to mimick? Let’s go with “Purdeee” ;)

commented on Sapphire casebacks ·

This doesn’t apply to manual winds correct? ;)

commented on MJW Number Cruncher ·

I am a fan ;)

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Not My Norm: Laco 42.5mm Manual

Shared this with @Lauren wanted to share with the community as well. I found this on eBay from a dude stating “It was a gift”….when pressed I got the...

Late to the Party

Sorry if I ever doubted you Traska fans; this thing is glorious.

Anyone else get this today?

Got the blue version today in the mail. Anyone else get this silly Halloween Spinnaker in March? :) Not gonna lie…. kinda stoked about the blue.

Non-Watch vs Watch “People”

Non-Watch People: It’s just a watch. Watch People: It’s the watch I wore at this moment in my life… and I plan on handing it down to her one day. We a...

Project for Dad

I’ve never gotten emotional working on a project, but yesterday I was going through my late father’s stuff and found a watch he wore for a long time....

New Project

I know you’ve seen snow flakes…but have you seen gold flakes?