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From stopwatch to wristwatch at the Seiko Museum

One of the more interesting displays at the Seiko Museum in Ginza are the stopwatches they developed for timing various sports. It was cool to see thi...

Vintage Seikos in Tokyo

Just got back from a week in Tokyo and got to put hands on some incredible vintage Seikos from the 50s and 60s. It’s incredible how well they tend to...

Arrived in Ginza

Hit the museum and the boutiques. The museum is pretty cool as are the historical pieces on display at the GS flagship. Not an essential visit, even f...

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commented on Seiko’s Quality Issues: Let’s play a game! ·

I've owned far too many Seikos over the decades and I've had a couple with minor problems but nothing that wasn't corrected with a quick trip back to the store, either for an adjustment or an exchange. When I've had similar problems with more expensive watches from other brands the ADs are less forgiving and the watches had to be sent out for warranty repairs that took several weeks or months. For a few hundred bucks, I don't get too upset if something is a tiny bit off or if I have to make a quick trip back to the Seiko shop. For thousands of dollars and not having my brand new watch to wear? I'm far less forgiving.

But based on comments I've read for years around this issue, I get the impression most people feel the opposite way, taking Seiko to task for problems on $400 watches while giving luxury brands costing several thousand dollars a pass. There have been common owner-reported dial and bezel issues with Tudor Black Bays, serious problems with the Rolex 32XX movements, Oris' Calibre 400 movements, etc., and folks generally take a "hey, nobody's perfect" and "if that's what's important to you, buy a G-Shock" stance and push back on anyone complaining too loudly. I think it's the Land Rover effect: They have the lowest reliability and ratings in the auto industry but a fiercely loyal customer base who tolerate problems in a 6-figure luxury ride they wouldn't put up with in a base-model Sentra. The more we spend, the more we have to convince ourselves we made the right choice, and the more we will rationalize away even the obvious flaws and find ways to turn them into positives, saying things like "this is a finely tuned piece of engineering that needs more attention than a mass-market appliance" despite it not actually performing any better than mass-market appliances. We're funny that way...

commented on Are fashion watches great now? ·

At this point, aren't ALL watches fashion watches?

commented on Am I the only one bored of GMT’s…. ·

Like all tool watches (or those marketed as such) the interest in GMTs is wildly out of sync with its practical use case.

commented on What's the best watch to gift to a friend who isn't really into watches? ·

This is what the Seiko 5 line was made for--so many great choices, just find one that feels like the right fit.

commented on Reminder, don’t be a fanboy. Make an informed decision based on your needs. ·

Hadn't heard of these guys, but, yeah, seems like it follows so many of those resurrected Zombie brands from Nivada to the upcoming Universal Geneve relaunch. Doesn't mean the watches are bad (I love some of the Nivada reissues) but the bought heritage is really cringey.

Bigger picture, though, I'm really surprised Hamilton doesn't get called out for this as well given how desperately Swatch leans that brand's history despite Hamilton having no R&D or factories of its own...and Longines isn't much different...

commented on Reminder, don’t be a fanboy. Make an informed decision based on your needs. ·

It's the Swatch Group's entire business model, yeah?

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster ·

I'd actually go with the Zenith A384--that case shape and size is as good as it gets.

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Forstner Komfit Wide Straight Ends

3.2 Avg. Score

Before the flood…

Torrential rains are about to hit Los Angeles so we can pretend we finally have a use-case for all those 200m divers!