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Just bought this bad boy.

Directly from Japan.

Watches at Wineries Meetup

Watch meet up, lunch, wine and cheese. There will be a guest speaker, Christophe Hoppe. Founder of Bausele Watches Sydney Australia. Bring a designated driver as the police are on point around the win...
Nov 30
Pokolbin, NSW, AU
Sat, November 30 路 12:00 PM AEDT

Switched to my Seiko Prospex 'Eucalyptus' Limited Edition SRPJ53K Turtle

Switched to my Eucalyptus today. Same deal as the Noosa edition.1000 pieces for the Australian and New Zealand market. I like the sunburst dial on thi...

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commented on Do you keep buying the same watch...just with different brand names on it?

G Shocks....

commented on Which Brands Are Going In The Right Direction?

I would buy a Hublot if they weren't so expensive. Also I nearly bought a Bremont in the early days.

commented on Which Brands Are Going In The Right Direction?

The Clive Cussler is heavy and quite large so, not for everyone. I like it because of the unique look and I grew up reading Clive Cussler.

commented on Which Brands Are Going In The Right Direction?

Not Bremont and not Hublot. Oh, and not Swatch. The blatantly obvious cash grab from the Swatch group makes me want to vomit.

commented on My First Watch! Islander ISL-44

Very cool 馃槑

commented on Moonswatch "Mission on Earth" - IRL photos

Just don't buy them. They are a $50 watch. Both in quality and reality.

commented on Go Anywhere Do Anything Watch Exists?

That watch can be anything for anyone depending on your lifestyle.

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Wearing my Seiko Noosa edition today.

The Seiko SPB347J Prospex Sea Noosa edition is limited to 1000 pieces available to the Australia and New Zealand market only. It's a nice watch. Not s...

Something different from Seiko today.

If you know, you know....

Wearing my CW C65 Bronze Diver today.

I think it's done with it's tarnishing.

Day 13 I folded.

Received a new strap in mail and needed to give it a go. Sorry Tudor Pelagos 39. The Alinghi FXD looks nice with the mustard yellow strap..

Day 9 wearing the same watch.

Still going...Almost put on my IWC ingenieur..resisted the urge.

Day 4 of wearing the same watch.

Will this exercise encourage me to thin my watch collection down?