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Cheapest way into a 2824 movement

So far the cheapest way to get a 2824 movement is buying a Certina ladies watch from Jomashop. All the stuff from china can not be trusted and I suspe...
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Everyone meet Frank nh35 not GS and not BB58

Latest creation with the dial I like and the hands I love in a sapphire Explorer kind of case topped off with a cop nato
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Chinese quartz watch upgrade

I got a cheap Chinese quartz watch from Wish.com for 15 bucks and put a Swiss Ronda 505 movement in it from Perrin because I do not trust the Swiss mo...
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OldSnafu commented on Fun watches. ·

easy to read time here

OldSnafu commented on How I got into watches ·

That movement is worth about 15 bucks and is built with free dirt and fingerprints in it and not enough oil to keep it going. I oiled the one i had to keep it going.

OldSnafu commented on Local news: Stay safe Crunchers ·

sorry but this is the world we live in. we can only adapt to the situation we find ourselves in. Police are only reactionary and being proactive gets them in trouble. If your rich don't flaunt it or risk theft. Such is life.

OldSnafu commented on What is Your Favorite Unlikely Watch Brand? ·

Time ? ya that's about it... Custom brand helps 

OldSnafu commented on Thinking about getting myself a daily wear and kinda torn in between this 3 ·

They all look a little big on you. Watches that are too big get uncomfortable fast. Gat a cheapie in that size to see if you can stand wearing it before those expensive ones. Big watches make the arm look small and you do not want that.

OldSnafu commented on Local news: Stay safe Crunchers ·

Waving a $15,000.00 watch around is asking for a criminal response. Criminals are everywhere in every city so driving luxury or wearing it will interest them greatly. I know smart very wealthy men who drive common cars and do not show any bling to anyone but their inner circles who have never been even insulted. Personal safety is acting responsibly in public by not flexing your loot so you can keep it.

OldSnafu commented on Pagani design chronograph ·

As long as it has Japanese guts you can be happy with it. Native Chinese movements are not worth owning.

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Skeleton makeover

I installed tritium tubes on the hands and took off the second hand. I put lume paint dots for hour markers and ground off the crown guards. Watch was...
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SW200 or ETA sourcing ?

Has anyone tried the Aliexpress SW200 movements? They claim to have authentic swiss movements and their clones. I don't trust Aliexpress much. Perrin...
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We are sponsoring a refugee family soon.

I wanted to show support for Ukraine as there is a huge 3rd generation group of them here so i offered a free place to stay for a family of four from...
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Orients on sale

i picked up an orient automatic on jomashop. they got a gold 37mm for $58.00 thats the price of the movement
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Made this without a second hand

this is a 2813 movement i can't get a second hand on. NH35 .20mm is too big and 8205 .17mm is too small. I stopped before i broke it off. Don't mind i...
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Stumbled on the Rolex they never made.

DHgate has this fake i found but Rolex never made this model...but they should have. This is quartz for under $20.00 bucks and is the lowest tier fake...
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6 used Timex mech watches for $100.00

Came accross these on my local Kijiji page and am wondering if they are worth getting? He has 3 swiss vintage too for $60.00 Bulova, Rodania and a Vil...
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