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Service is the great equalizer

Take any mechanical watch whatever country made it and give it a service and regulation. Right out of the box the Chinese movements are well designed...
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Latest builds

Built this chrono from parts. Im sure the case is a Daytona clone and I sourced the VK63 here in Canada. The other is my watch winder 3.0 run with a h...
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Jomashop Rolex how is it Jomashop has all these New Rolexes? I thoug...
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OldSnafu commented on Keep Your Self-Winding Watch Ticking with a Watch Winder ·

Diy final version


My timer is set at about 6 hours and does not completely wind them up. $50.00 bucks worth of hardware.

OldSnafu commented on Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121/ SPB209 VS Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38 ·

There is a better chance the Hamilton will be more accurate out of the box. It has a solid movement and is steeped in history. The Seiko is just an improved Seiko 5.

OldSnafu commented on Invicta Hydromax Review ·

They make a far smaller around 39mm gmt with that same movement also. That thing is a dinner plate with  At the very least its a conversation piece.

OldSnafu commented on Mercury Swiss Watch ·

Fine looking watch. Probably never see those in the North American market.

OldSnafu commented on The perils of vintage #381 ·

Gotta respect anyone brave enough to go into the vintage minefield and win doing it.

OldSnafu commented on Love these world time Casios ·

Hard to beat that one. Its an F91 on steroids.

OldSnafu commented on How durable is a mechanical watch? ·

A watch can survive a lot but longevity could be shortened because of it. The balance would be the weakest point even though it has shock settings. You can not argue with physics or gravity.

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DIY Watch winder 2.0

Now the watch orientation is correct and angle. Next is to pretty it up and add a timer to it for number of revolutions. Its very quiet and cheap to b...
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It also wind watches

This is the 1st rendition of my watch winder. cost around 60 bucks except for the timer. just gotta check rpm's and adjust the timer to 500 rpm to sta...
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Cheapest way into a 2824 movement

So far the cheapest way to get a 2824 movement is buying a Certina ladies watch from Jomashop. All the stuff from china can not be trusted and I suspe...
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Everyone meet Frank nh35 not GS and not BB58

Latest creation with the dial I like and the hands I love in a sapphire Explorer kind of case topped off with a cop nato
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Chinese quartz watch upgrade

I got a cheap Chinese quartz watch from for 15 bucks and put a Swiss Ronda 505 movement in it from Perrin because I do not trust the Swiss mo...
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Skeleton makeover

I installed tritium tubes on the hands and took off the second hand. I put lume paint dots for hour markers and ground off the crown guards. Watch was...
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SW200 or ETA sourcing ?

Has anyone tried the Aliexpress SW200 movements? They claim to have authentic swiss movements and their clones. I don't trust Aliexpress much. Perrin...
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