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Third build today. 15 min start to finish

Dial from past nh build in new case new movement. Total cost under 70 bucks cdn

Latest builds nh35, nh34

36mm builds as that is my favorite size

Facebook Seiko mod page new rules.

I just unsubscribed from this facebook mod group as they are taking down everything with a non Seiko dial and a Seiko logo on it. Apparently they can...

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commented on Stubborn Longines case back!

there is usually 1 slight deformity made into the case back for prying them off.

commented on Watch Collecting Lessons from an Orangutan

I agree his joke was about a country not a race as they share genealogy with a lot of European countries. Context is everything and bruising sensibilities is seldom the aim here and more accidental.

commented on By my measure, you need to be pretty wealthy to afford this hobby

I build what i want now. I never valued watches beyond tools or toys so i have no interest in expensive things.

commented on Straight(er) chapter ring or rehaut?

the dial will be a different size from the one with the big chapter ring. measure both case and dial

commented on Any ideas on this warch

maybe its from their overseas collection. The Chinese colab

commented on Thought experiment / design

both look nice but the hands dont stand out and you have to really look to tell the time

commented on Straight(er) chapter ring or rehaut?

its probably fixed in there with a smaller dial you can order cases both ways according to dial diameter.

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Untapped parts resource.

Those gas station watches and the George brand walmart sells are a great parts source. The leather straps and sailcloth straps are not bad. The dials...

They cloned those fast

50 bucks CDN on Ali

Dial printing

I'm going to try this for painting the minute track on dials. It can cut out the removable template to paint numbers and indices. It can also just do...

Just had to have one

Sure it's only a 9 dollar watch but I had to have a weird watch. It is definitely getting the Swiss quartz upgrade

Chinese even making fake Russian watches


Another twisted Chinese watch for the cool factor