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SLGW003 "B" tier? Really?

Might take some heat for this, but did anyone else watch Max's new YT video? I can totally understand the SBGC275 being so low, but the SLGW003 only a...

Union Glashütte Belisar review

I took delivery of my Union Glashütte Belisar Chronograph Speedster Limited Edition #355 of 388 (D009.427.11.052.09) about a week ago and wanted to sh...

wUnion Glashütte D009.427.11.052.09

4.6 Avg. Score

Thoughts on Watches and Wonders sans The Swatch Group

I’m relatively new to the watch community, having spent less than a year trying to get myself up to speed horologically speaking. But I try to educate...

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commented on I just hate the ' snowflake ' hand on Tudor watches. ·

You are not alone.

commented on Post your first automatic watch purchase… ·

Tag Carrera:

commented on Pondering The Broader Market: An Equity Analyst's Take on Swiss Watch Exports ·

If this means that I can get a 2057ST/92/SW0 for $10k, I'm ready to spend 🙂

commented on What watch would you buy if money wasn’t an issue ·

Probably something like this:

commented on Union Glashütte Belisar review ·

thank you

commented on Union Glashütte Belisar review ·

Thanks, yes I can definitely understand that these are big watches and won't work for everyone. But so far I'm loving it. Great addition to my collection. Cheers.

commented on I’m looking for my first watch ·

Henry Archer might be a good option. $499 and I believe there is a 10% off code:


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Happy birthday to me

It finally arrived from Germany yesterday. Exactly 3 weeks. It took a phenomenal amount of self control but I waited until today to open it, wanted it...

My thoughts on releases from Watches and Wonders 2024

I posted two of these earlier in the week, so I’ll include them here again for completeness. Overall these are the watches that captured my attention,...

WW favorites so far?

I know there is a lot more to come, but so far, these are my favorites. And yes, I know I'll never be able to afford a Kodo ☹

It's almost here!

I think a few of you are in a similar waiting game with packages shipped from Germany. Mine sat in Frankfurt for 11 days, but magically made it throug...

Seriously? ..... I mean..... Seriously?

Just makes me sad that sites like this exist. And if you really want to have some fun, just keep hitting refresh and watch the "in stock" numbers fluc...

Omega new chronometer certification (ISO 3159) facility

Did anyone else read about this over on Hodinkee today? It's interesting, I'm still trying to decide what they are trying to go for long term with thi...