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6.59” / 16.75 cm Wrist
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What’s with Rolex - is it terminal?

Passed through Heathrow airport over the weekend (I don’t fly very often - thankfully) and, killing time, I took the opportunity to visit the two main...

Oh Happy Day!

A local jeweller has just started display stocking GS. Previously I had to go miles to see them. Went in for a brief chat as they have only had them f...

The Jaguar XJ220 of the watch world? - stunning design but flawed execution

The XJ220 is remembered more as the car that it could have been than the car it actually was. Conceived in the early 1980s as a 220 mph V12 supercar...

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commented on Grand Seiko 44GS case returns! Got to try on the SBGW299 and SBGW297 ·

Loving the GS dials - this SBGY009 has the same radiating pattern though it’s quite hard to see in low light.

commented on 1981 Seiko Quartz SQ in leather strap ·

A smart choice and a stunning timeless classic - enjoy.

I keep an eye out for the early SQs but still waiting one in good condition at the right price.

V impressed with the accuracy of these older Seikos and generally great value (at the right price).

commented on Grand Seiko Movements - Which Would You Pick? ·

I am guessing that the quartz regulation of the spring drive works very well within a range of amplitude/torque but is less effective at the extremes particularly at the low end, as at the top end I presume the overwinding protection kicks in at a level to suit the regulator. Clever people though and not surprised it took awhile to develop … and that no one else seems to be following in their footsteps.

commented on Time Factors head's up ·

Had the blue one first as the yellow and black was sold out but “upgraded” when they were back in stock.


Also have this Zoretto which is a lovely watch but it’s a bit bigger than the Helson and probably shading to too big for me.

commented on Grand Seiko Movements - Which Would You Pick? ·

I think that the reason the spring drives stated accuracy isn’t higher is that the amplitude can vary widely in mechanical watches between when they are fully wound and close to being unwound and this ultimately limits the accuracy that a manufacturer can state. Whereas quartz watches don’t suffer from this and so can achieve higher stated accuracy. I am certainly happy with the accuracy of the spring drive and don’t see the lower stated accuracy as a deficiency as it’s more than accurate enough for my needs.

commented on Grand Seiko Movements - Which Would You Pick? ·

Love it!

commented on Need recommendations for a GMT ·

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Great value package and great lume too

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