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Rolex Chronergy vs Omega Coaxial - real world out of box precision?

Both the Chronergy and Coaxial escapements are a marvel — modern mass-industrial productions of what were previously one-off discoveries of optimizing...

PFAS (“forever chemical”) free watches?

A couple of you were confused earlier when I alluded to picking watches without “forever chemicals”. So I thought I should explain. It’s about epilame...

Baltic Hermetique’s block lume indices

I know I posted about the Hermetique yesterday, but when I saw what the 3D lume I just had to rave a tiny bit more about this dial. The combination of...

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commented on I saw this on Reddit this morning and thought you all might find it interesting. ·

If that’s their grandparents’ view about people with different jewelry, forgive me if I don’t want to hear about their grandparents views about other differences…

commented on So it is 5 seconds off. Am I weird? ·

High accuracy quartz is where it’s at.

commented on Beyond Edmund Hillary: What if Rolex created the Explorer after other explorers' achievements? ·

Exactly. There is absolutely no evidence that either Hillary nor Norgay wore a Rolex, even the touted Oyster, to the summit. The entire Explorer thing is not only marketing, it has always been explicit “stolen valor” (or whatever you’d call it for non-military) marketing.

The Rolex company did try to rush deliver a whole set of Oysters to the expedition when they heard of the summit attempt, but there is no evidence that the delivery even made it on time, let alone actually be accepted and worn.

The fact that it might not even have been physically possible for the expedition to have worn the Rolexes, combined with actual public evidence of the Smith that the expedition and Hillary’s personal accounts / possessions later donated to museums, make the entire “commemorative model” even more ridiculous.

commented on Looking for dive watches for very small wrist ·

Nope, that’s a 46mm lug to lug

commented on Looking for dive watches for very small wrist ·

Tissot Seastar 1000 in 36mm. Also, despite it not being well advertised, it has a +-10s/year HAQ movement.

commented on Cartier Class is Truly Timeless ·

Dial clutter.

commented on On a clock or watch, how often do the hour and minute hands align? ·

It is one of the above

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Baltic really exceeds expectations!

The blue Hermetique Tourer arrived today and wow, it really exceeded my expectations. This is my first Baltic and I wasn’t sure of a couple things, in...