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UnholiestJedi ·

As Unserious As A Watch Can Be; A Review

A few years ago, I saw this video of an artist carving English gunsmith style designs into an Omega bracelet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFch4J39...
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UnholiestJedi ·

Want a Richard Mille, But You're Age 6?

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UnholiestJedi ·

ISO: Watch Photographer

So yeah, like the subject says; I need a watch photographer. Wife has started looking like this: And the teenager... TBH, I'm a little afraid for thei...
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UnholiestJedi commented on Wish List ·

I'm sometimes (all the time?) a bit all over the place, but right now, if someone said "You can have any 4 watches of your choosing." these are the 4; the Mount Rushmore, if you will. 

UnholiestJedi commented on Promotion and a gift ·

Congrats on the promotion!

Nice Cracker Jack prize outta the deal. 😉

UnholiestJedi commented on Greetings! ·
UnholiestJedi commented on Too big? Too small? Too…. ·

@roberto nails it. For ~$100, a watch can have a few flaws such as too small/large or poor finishing as long as it tells decent time. See my newest review for an example.

For $5K+, we want to not have to compromise. 

UnholiestJedi commented on New, unworn Glycine Combat 42mm with Pepsi dial. ·

I'm sort of in the market for a Glycine and yeah, $400 seems like a good deal based on what I've seen on eBay the last few weeks

UnholiestJedi commented on Worst Watch Brand Logos/Names? ·

Or a tittle; aka the dot over an 'i' or a 'j'

UnholiestJedi commented on How much of our income do we spend on our watchs? ·

Collecting? only since the beginning of the year. 

Accumulating? off and on, 10 years. 

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UnholiestJedi ·

Say What You Will About Rolex...

... but at least you get a quality product out of the deal. https://nypost.com/2022/08/04/balenciagas-most-expensive-trash-bag-in-the-world-is-1790/
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UnholiestJedi ·

New Strap, Who Dis?

What you think about the new strap?
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UnholiestJedi ·

Strap Monster; the Song?

Listening to some tunes today & then watched @Max video about what a strap monster the Tudor Ranger could be. One of the tunes was Rock Lobster by...
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UnholiestJedi ·


I've seen a lot of folks on this and other forums say they don't like pinching or hair pulling bracelets and I'm confused. I have always preferred bra...
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UnholiestJedi ·

Top Ten American Watch Brands?

Saw something yesterday that claims the top ten American Watch Brands are (in alphabetical order) Autodromo Brew Devon Kobold Martenero Oak & Oscar RGM Shinola Vortic Weiss I've only heard of 3 of the...
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UnholiestJedi ·

It's Taking Forever Already!

Why can't it be Friday already?! I don't know how those of you on wait lists do it. I've only been waiting for 2 days and it feels like forever. I kno...
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UnholiestJedi ·

What Is The Highest Ticks Per Second Number You've Seen In A Watch?

Reading some watch news about the use of silicon in movements and a number caught my attention. "Unlike the normal hacking second-hand that we know fr...
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