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MY MoonSwatch Experience

So, made it to Vegas and into the Swatch Boutique. Here's what I found out... The SA said he gets a shipment almost every day and the entire shipment...
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Watches As Gifts

As we enter the Holiday season, my mind is drawn to gift giving and receiving. We all love watches and as such, likely receive a large number of watches as gifts. I have received 5 watches as gifts. S...
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Fate Tempts

So, it appears that I will be within easy range of a Swatch boutique this week. Will I pick up a MoonSwatch?
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UnholiestJedi commented on What do you think of the Frédérique Constant smartwatch? ·

So far, the only thing I want a smart watch to do is track my lack of exercise & heartbeat. 

If it can do that and have the hallmarks of a traditional watch, I'd listen. 

UnholiestJedi commented on Targeted Breda Ads ·

Never heard of them

UnholiestJedi commented on I Did The Unthinkable 😂🤞 ·

So, I'm subscribing to the channel just to see the result of your review

UnholiestJedi commented on Watch days in a week ·
UnholiestJedi commented on Hi Watchcrunch! ·


I love Peter's channel and glad you do as well. 

Lurk as much as you like, just don't use my past posts against me. ;)

UnholiestJedi commented on Do you repair/ service/ modify your watches? ·

At the moment, I only change straps/batteries. 

I'd like to poke around in a movement & see if it's something I enjoy. Just need to bite the bullet and buy the equipment. 

I already have a movement to mess around with.

UnholiestJedi commented on What do you think is the most overused word/description among watch enthusiasts? ·

Vintage... On ebay

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Shedding Some Shame

So, a few days ago, I posted my shame of buying 2 Timex watches and showing no self control. Well, I'm going to shed some of that shame by returning o...
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Strap Help

Does anyone here know where this strap can be found or how to search for it? It's a strap on a refurbished watch that Stian of Vintage Watch Services...
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WRUW Expansion Pack

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A Series: My Watch Collecting Journey, Issue 2.

Building on the first installment of My Watch Collecting Journey I now bring you Issue #2 What I learned from WatchGang The idea of WatchGang is fun....
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Round Me Up to TWENTY!

I could claim they are Christmas gifts, but we all know that's a lie.
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Casio Duro for $35! All Casio 50% off?

JCPenney is having a 50% off sale on Casio's, with the Duro coming in at $35. I'm tempted, but that would triplicate a slot in my collection & I h...
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A Series: My Watch Collecting Journey

As a collector who has bought ~20 watches, I feel like I’ve learned some things that I will be using going forward in my collecting. There's too much...
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