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Watch-Crime: Cologne Watch in Germany was bombed

Looks like some criminals tried to break into the well known secondary market dealer Cologne Watch by blowing up their store front last night. Luckily...
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MFB.90 commented on Share your opinion on german watch brands!

That ingeniuity is exactly what makes me wonder how their take on that formula would Look 馃檪. I am sure they are working on it and will only release it once they found exactly the right approach. If they were only after quick sales they would have done it already.

I actually use the dive bezel all the time. Not for diving of course, but for timing Pasta 馃崫

Beautiful watch btw!

MFB.90 commented on Share your opinion on german watch brands!

True. But I think they could sell a lot of classic dive bezel watches 馃槃

MFB.90 commented on What will Tudor release this Watch and Wonders

I think it will be a relatively quiet year for Tudor since Rolex is celebrating anniversaries and will take the spotlight. So my guess is just some housekeeping from them: Phase out the ETA movements, maybe Update some bracelets and clasps.

They also started releasing watches all year round since COVID, like Omega. So maybe they will come out with something big in summer/Fall.

Of course, I can be totallly wrong here.

MFB.90 commented on Share your opinion on german watch brands!

I think Nomos is the stand-out brand here in Germany. What they are able to deliver you for the price rivals brands that are multiple times more expensive.

I really hope they release their version of a diver soon :)

MFB.90 commented on Everyday Dressy Silver Dial Options?

I mean you have the dress category sorted with the Tank, so maybe something even more "fun" could be nice. I am personaly hoping for the Release of a light dial Nomos club sport neomatik this year.

Their coloured ones are stunning and a silver dial would be extremely classy. I do not think you can find a better package at 3k鈧.

Sry for not hitting the brief with the coloured dial.

MFB.90 commented on Pre-owned Submariner problems from Tourneau / Bucherer

Get it Back to Bucherer. I am sure they will do their best to make things right with you.

I bought a vintage Speedy from them and the sales rep assured I can come in anytime If there is something wrong with the watch.

At least here in Germany they give you a two year warranty on the cpo programme, so they really have nothing to gain from selling watches that they are not sure will work. Also they would not risk loosing you as a customer for saving 100 bucks during their check-up/servicing.

MFB.90 commented on Baltic Aquascaphe vs Lorier Neptune?

I went with the baltic. Tough call through.


Nato on my Speedy

I recently started changing straps on my watches more frequently. Today I switched the bracelet on my Speedy for a split Nato from miros-time for a hi...
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