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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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San Martin beats Rolex?! What?

Gary has always struck me as an honest and straightforward individual. However, I recently came across a video that left me puzzled. I'm hoping to get...

The Iconic Watches of 'The Prisoner': The Timekeepers of Control

Lately, I've found myself watching this .. I don't know .. would you call it a 'vintage' show? The Prisoner is a TV show that you watch once and it st...

Mark Long Island's take on Teddy opening a Store

No worries, this is a positive and classy take on Teddy's store. What we would expect from a cool guy like Mark. However, I bring up this video becaus...

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commented on Smaller watches with power reserve? ·

I have the nomos Metro power reserve. Beautiful watch. But be aware there's is no quick date set function.

commented on Tudor QC, again. ·

From what I've heard, you get less QC issues with the superclones. The buyers are paranoid about getting found out, so they have crazy vetting before paying for the watch. They would have immediately rejected this watch. Ironic but true.

commented on Which way to go ·

Buy the watch and take it work you on the trip. The best of both worlds ;-)

commented on Tired of automatic watches ·

I have a version of this and it's fantastic. Really the ideal watch, all that we need. I set my autos to it. The eco drive is useful.

commented on Vintage Datejust on a nato. ·

I was thinking of getting one, for sentimental reasons, but am cautious about the date change. How annoying is it? That there is no quick date set.

commented on May god have mercy on their souls ·

I like it

commented on What makes you connect with a watch? ·

I've been doing research on the Seiko watches of James Bond. It really feels like a romantic era of quartz watches.

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