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Parts Sources?

Hey WC fam, I was wondering if you could post your repair parts sources? I have a few new Seikos and am looking for replacement parts but I can't find...
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Can Anyone Help? Seiko 5T32-6A29

Hey WatchCrunchers, I posted a couple of weeks ago that I didn't own a Seiko and now I have three, including this beautiful 5T32-6A29 (image not mine,...
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I Bought a Friend for My Other Two Russian Watches

I saw this Komandirskie (" Commander ") in an auction and thought it looked like a cool vintage mechanical Russian piece. I love the double-headed eag...
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Pallet_Fork commented on Another little donkey saved from the glue factory....

"It's amazing how these relatively cheap little watches can be made to look really rather lovely with a dab of TLC."

Yep! So satisfying, isn't it? Your work is excellent, they look amazing. 馃嵒

Pallet_Fork commented on My first Cartier!

That watch will get attention! Well done! 馃 Don't worry about the bracelet, it's perfect.

I aspire to own one, and I will, in time.

Pallet_Fork commented on I admit it: I bought this Pagani Speedy homage to flip, but now I'm keeping it!

Nicely written, you had me cracking up. Mostly because you said the same things I think! 馃槀

Nice watches, they look great!

I'll give you $75 for the blue one.

Pallet_Fork commented on NWA: PRX 35mm

That dial....馃槏

Pallet_Fork commented on Seiko Orange Monster Collector

I love the colors! Welcome! 馃

Pallet_Fork commented on Inexpensive Automatic Dress Watch

I didn't see one either!

Pallet_Fork commented on Invicta Pro Diver Model No. 38783 REVIEW

"...if the base cost of this watch doubled (49.90 to 99.80) because of the inclusion of a sapphire crystal, I wouldn't bat an eye."

Well yeah, you have a point there. Agreed.

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My Valentine's Day Gift - Arrived Today, 3/11

This was a Valentine's Day gift from my kind and lovely wife. She ordered it in January and it just arrived today from Ukraine. 鉂 We understand why it...
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Desta "Ultra-flat"

Hey WatchCrunchers, I've been exploring vintage watches lately and just picked up this Swiss-made, gold plated Desta Ultra-flat a few weeks ago. Final...
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Literally a Paper Watch (Well, Tyvek庐, But Still...)

Found this on Amazon . Just wow. It looks like they went all out with the design, too. What's next? A watch made from a banana peel? Merkins? The sky'...
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Time Engine Belt Watch

This funky belt watch has been our "bathroom clock" for as long as I can remember. Right there on the counter, between the sinks, an easy glance when...
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The World's Smallest Citizen Watch! Well, the Smallest I've Seen...

Yeah, that's my index/pointer fingernail next to this tiny watch that my wife's father gave to her in 1990 for her high school graduation. She has tin...
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My Grand Diver Collection...

May I present my collection of Grand Divers . I bought these over the last month or so. Each one I inspected upon arrival and found no issues. The fin...
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What Do You Use for Magnification When Working on Watches?

Hey WatchCrunchers, I'm taking my hobby to the next level and need some advice. What do you use when working on watches? If you have the time, I'd love to hear why you chose it. If not one of the styl...
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