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I found it!

Let鈥檚 see those watch memes

Omega low battery 馃 indication

Ok, My Trusty SMP is doing the 4 second jump around the dial. How long does the battery usually last until she is flat? I just noticed she is still ju...

Thoughts on The new Ventura?

I Came across the new Hammie last week, and have fallen for the Gold & Blue on the Stretchy Band. Should I go for it even though it may be a rough...

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commented on Is anything TRULY a "GADA"?

More about the style

commented on Is anything TRULY a "GADA"?

Cartier Santos or Omega AT. The only true GADA Watches. I feel I鈥檓 at a crossroads and would sell the collection to get into one.

commented on What kind of watch buyer are you?

I guess I鈥檓 a purist.

commented on The LUME on the Black Bay!

Fruit of the Lume

commented on What weight do you look for?

Chronograph- Heavy

Dive/pilots - mid weight

Casual/Dress- light/Midweight dependant on case/Movement

commented on How many dive watches is enough?

Lucky guy. That electric Blue is Striking from any distance 馃檶

commented on How many dive watches is enough?

My Old Man went Nuts, bought 6 divers in 2-3 years. Personally though I think 2-3 is enough.

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Classic Trek

A Message to the other Franchise


Recently i stumbled across Nivada, I love the design of their watches. Though I鈥檓 curious what the quality is like? Any input would be appreciated

A little Max Headroom to make you think 馃

here He is

Help Update!

As I posted previously, my Father鈥檚 Tudor Heritage Chrono is running 2 mins slow per day. Today it did something very odd. Lost a full 25 mins. and du...


My Father was noticing his Tudor heritage Chrono was losing around 1 minute/Day. We decided to throw it on the Timegrapher, and it is behaving quite e...

How often do you forget to stop 馃洃 your Chronograph?

The thought came to me like all good thoughts on the 馃毥 of all places馃榾. Remembering how I forgot my Chrono on for 14 some hours the other day on the PRX Chrono. It always starts with good intentions...
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