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Wimzard ·

Advice Needed for an Over-thinking Fool

A couple of years ago, I decided to submit my watch collection for some much-needed reduction. I wanted to get a nice 3-4 slot watch roll and fill it with pieces that I LOVED which was an idea far rem...
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WatchSpiritsTokyo ·

All Grand Seiko Lovers Must Visit Here in Tokyo, Japan.

Hi,there! Guys,we are glad to upload GS video!! If you are GS lover,never miss it!
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Mastiff ·

IWC brand strength over Rolex & Omega

Crunchers I'd thought I'd try and get your opinions on IWC as a brand and why people seem to fall on the more obvious brand offerings. I notice both o...
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ezpzCA ·

One Can Dream: The GOAT Grail Watch Thread

Since I’ve started learning about luxury watches, there are many watches that I used to drool over that I don’t think are that special anymore. For so...
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Robcollects ·

Looks like we have a winner

Thanks everyone who voted in my recent poll on ‘what I should get next’. The JLC Thin Moonphase was the early leader and held on for an easy win. The...
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harrisc852 ·

Updated: Power reserve indicators, yay or nay?

Here are my 4 watches with a power reserve indicator on the dial. I think they look pretty neat and do serve a purpose, but purists would prefer it on...
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SurferJohn ·

SOTC - Seiko Box 1

Top left to right in chronological order: 1965 GS 43999 (2nd GS), 1968 6217-8001 (62MAS), 1971 4006-6020 (Bellmatic), 1971 6105-8119 (Willard), 1972 5...
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lmchew ·

Kismet Inspires First Luxury Purchase

So I’ve been saving for a while. I thought I was going to get a 556i, then an Aquis, then an Anordain, then an Omega. And finally I had saved to the p...
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hoffman010 ·

Grand Seiko Fun in the Sun

A couple of weeks back whilst visiting my family I managed to get my hands on my brother's Shunbun and my Dad's SBPG017. Grand Seiko are the master of...
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Robcollects ·

What’s next? GS, JLC or a Micro?

OK crunchers - looking for your advice. I’m thinking about a possible next addition to my collection. My local AD has ‘the next watch for me’, the GS Black Birch. My thought is well . . . maybe. I hav...
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