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Ichibunz ·

Which Elvington II strap? Orange or Blue!!

Ever since I saw someone post this I kept looking at it and I’m tempted to pull the trigger but I don’t know which strap to go with ? Off course I can just get the other strap as well but which Strap...
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Ichibunz ·

Tell me why not to get this piece!!

So my AD just texted me…”yo! Ichi! Guess what just dropped today!!” Me: “ A new Omega Ichibunz Edition!?!!” AD: “NO! This sucker!!… Oh man! if you kno...
48 410
Ichibunz ·

Robot Watch

my thoughts… Cons: arrived with dead battery LCD screen is shot! Aka dead No instructions on how to set the time?!!! Bracelet most likely will melt as...
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Ichibunz commented on Who wore it better? ·

Nice!! This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…


You Crunchers are soo cool!!  I feel like giving you guys hugs…


But @TonyXXX wore it better and because he’s such A teddy bear…

Ichibunz commented on Wish List ·

My list prbly either by the fall or early spring…or by the way I’m feeling today I might jump on the Seiko or GS this weekend 😂… let me walk away now for a bit before I spend more…

Ichibunz commented on Fun watches. ·
Ichibunz commented on Celebrating the Seiko SNXS7x Series ·

Damn it Hakki!! Don’t make me buy SNXS70…. Damn peer pressure 😓😰

Ichibunz commented on Full moon tonight… ·

Ohh you meant actual moon complication me so sorry…hmmm I don’t have one  I guess time to look for one… 🍻😉

Ichibunz commented on Greetings! ·

Hello Daddypig!! It’s me George!! Oink!


Welcome to WatchMunch !! 🎉 love the watch!!

Ichibunz commented on Promotion and a gift ·

Congrats!! I wish my wife just gives me $$$ too to buy a watch 🥺…

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Ichibunz ·

Sunburst Dials Why is it I’m such a Fan!!

So since I’m home and have some free time and playing with my watches and for some reason these sunburst dials, for example my green one is so mesmeri...
11 300
Ichibunz ·

Anybody ever seen one in person yet???

My AD just texted about this KS and wondering if someone ever seen it in person…My AD was saving it to show me but another Seikonut snatched it out al...
13 214
Ichibunz ·

Hit or Pass

I just saw this and I’m ready to pull the trigger but what say you WatchMunchers??!!
15 119
Ichibunz ·

Seiko AstroBoy Mod! Done…but not finished…

Ok!! Finally finished the mod for my Seiko 5 Astro boy and had some issues with the seconds hand and decided to stick with the original seconds hands...
25 296
Ichibunz ·

Impulse Buy as usual!!

My brother in law wanted to let go of his tissot which was never worn and he showed it to me to check out and that was it?! I was on the fence about t...
6 232
Ichibunz ·

Watch Bezel remover

Modding guys!! What’s the best and easiest to work with tool to remove the watch bezel. I have the small pry tool and knife looking thing but I was wo...
14 61
Ichibunz ·

First try Phase 2 modding…

Ok was confident enough to get the bezel insert in… But I noticed that it sticks out a bit but seems ok… then I proceeded to change the crystal which...
8 34