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I call thee…The Sun!!

So it finally arrived ladies and germs!! I’m very happy with the build quality very sturdy and some heft to it and the bracelet with the easy push mic...
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Really!! Really G-Shock…

wow! i lol’ed
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Would this satisfy the itch for An0rdain??!!

So i scratch this itch last night and waiting for it’s arrival… I’m almost complete with my mini micro collection… so my sub collection so far Brew/Fa...
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Ichibunz commented on Fully lumed Zelos Swordfish! ·

I agree…😉

Ichibunz commented on I need your opinion! ·

Yeah I had the same issues with Bb heritage, but when I tried on the Bb58 it’s felt a totally different watch… but I get your hesitation, hence why I got a different watch

Ichibunz commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13) ·

I hate to admit that I need another 10-12 watchbox 😖…

Ichibunz commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13) ·

Thanks…the worst thing is I have been on watch research and it not a good thing 😂..

Ichibunz commented on I need your opinion! ·

I traded mine for an Oris, at least I got for 2200 for mine for the trade…never looked back but I am eyeing a BB58 either the bronze or the silver one

Ichibunz commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13) ·

I only wear my santos when I drink tea with my pinky up and when I feel special… which is hardy… 😉 love your watch adventures, its a great read especially when I’m stuck at home sick with Covid again.. 🥴

Ichibunz commented on Military watch fans - what can you tell me about this Longines 6B/159 - interesting dial ·

Gorgeous piece! Have no clue of course … reminds of my Seiko …


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I’m pleasantly surprised today I got notification my Zelos in coming soon!! Wohoo!! And pulled the trigger on the Vario!! 🥰 …
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Who snag a few?!!

Who’s lucky enough to snag one? this morning?… ME! 😜 Whoohoo!! 🎉
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Farer!! I’m touched! 🥰

I’m a sucker of personalization…I know it’s prbly printed card but i feel like they know me …
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Thank you Crunchers!

Hey guys want to thank you guys for opening my eyes to micro brands !! I just came across Zelos lately not even mentioning Farer, Brew, Lorier, Baltic...
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Ichibunz ·

Ahhhhh!! Stop Me!!!!!….

Can’t pass a deal!! Dang this is HAWT!! Plus Sakura watches are such deals right now!!! I know @Max would approve, I was watching his YouTube review o...
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Ichibunz ·

Which one Square or Rectangle…??

So as usual.. itching for something different so check these out, always wanted to get a Brew watch and this Seiko is interesting too… so if you guys have some thoughts on these please let me know, I’...
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Maybe my first Astron??!!

Hello Munchers!! Good day!! Morning!! Buenos Dias!! Magandang Umaga!! Ok that’s all good morning in different language that I know… so since woke up c...
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