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Ichi Builds, “Groucho”

Thanks @Kevinseiko for making me jealous and get by butt in gear and get back into builds again!! And wanted to share some homage builds and off cours...

Why I waited this Looooong!!! ??? 🤯 Nodus NWA

Ok this should be a review but can’t review something that I recently received just minutes ago??!!… So it is more First impressions right!! So I have...

Curious… Would anybody interested on some of Ichibuilds??

Ok… I’m cleaning house … clean house clean mind…was wondering if anyone interested in some of my previously built /mods… let me know if anyone might b...

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commented on First Watch Build ·

I use these and it works and was recommended by our fellow builders … just cut the feet all of it and use this tape…

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! $1.39 50% Off | 2 Pages/lot Double-sided Adhesive Strip Tape Stickers for Fixing Watch Dial and Movement Wholesale 2000Pcs 2mm*5mm


commented on First Watch Build ·

Cool build but is it me or did you intentionally made it to look crooked?

commented on Is Smaller always Better? ·

Cuz you like big’ ones!!


commented on Is Smaller always Better? ·

Is that what She said?!…

Sorry @SpecKTator made me say it!!

commented on Why would you buy that when you could have had this ·

I have nothing to add … I just enjoyed the comments … thanks for this post , was feeling down and this thread made me smile…

commented on Why would you buy that when you could have had this ·

Have the same answer about something but I won’t say cuz I might get banned…

commented on Grand Seiko ‘Hotaka Peaks’ Spring Drive GMT ·

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Don’t you wish you can swim in your watch collection…

I know I have it bad today… chatting with @lla2891 today… well pretty much most days lol she’s my worst enabler ever!!… and I told I her I feel like t...

The Last Trio SOTC of the day… “The Toys!”…

Ok quite a controversial watch over the past years and for these three watches as much as I don’t wear it often, it brings me just great Joy having th...

Macarons! Anyone… another take on SoTC…

MY Gs SoTC… The approach on this collection was to experience the three movements that GS is famous for… Spring Drive My very first Gs thanks to @Edge...

tres’ Amigos!!

Was taking advantage of the lighting on my dusty bedside … I know I know I gotta dust … I’m lazy … anyways… my SoTC on my Omega watches… I think I’m g...

Can somebody make me understand the point of SOTC?!!

I’m sorry but I don’t get it all… some folks will post 4 threads dedicated to their collection?!! What’s the point of it? Yes I get it you got a lot o...

Ichi Builds… “Too Much!!” According to my wife …

I just wanted to share a couple of builds last night… First one I named .. SpB143 on Steroids lol…it’s a chunky boi!! The second one I coined, The Gui...