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Nivada Grenchen Chronometer: Black vs. White Dial?

Which do you prefer? I think I prefer the black, but keep changing my mind...
125 votes

Timegrapher: where did you buy?

I'm thinking of buying a timegrapher. Mostly because I'm a huge nerd... I'd like to track a couple old watches I have and maybe a new Nivada Grenchen...

Best G-Shock Mod Ever!

It's not much. Just a small change, really. But the combi bracelet significantly increases the on-wrist comfort of this square. This one is just an Al...

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commented on skxcellent's WRUW


It's definitely a staple. I'm considering letting it go in the "great downsize of 2024." We'll see ...

commented on I just hate the ' snowflake ' hand on Tudor watches.

I like the handset, but it really should be with the OG square indices, in my view...

commented on Homage or not homage?

Your wrist, your rules, my friend!

That's a killer, well-made watch. I bet it tells time just the same :-)

commented on Doxa Oversize

So cool! Well done!

commented on vandalstone's WRUW

Definitely one of the cooler Speedy references! What's the dial at 9? A second time zone?

commented on On the hunt....

I tend to stick to known sellers or marketplaces. Chrono24, Jomashop, or eBay, if not jeweler or AD site. Lots of scams and fakes out there...

commented on New Bulova Aerojet!

Definitely the nicest colourway, by far :-)

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Double-Drilled Lugs?

Design feature or serendipitous flaw? I noticed these Double-Drilled Lugs holes today when testing out a few straps today. Not sure if this is purpose...

Thank you kindly, friends!

Or maybe this is @Max 's way of saying I'm a too chatty? 馃 馃榿

NWA! The Field Test: Pagani Design Chronograph

Pagani Design. Somewhat of a divisive brand, I think it's fair to say. This Pagani Design Chronograph bears more than a passing resemblance to a certa...

What watch do you wear when you can't decide what to wear?

Having a very indecisive day. After going through 3 or 4 from my collection - I defaulted back to my easiest to wear do-it-all. You?

Noob question: Procedure with AliX?

Hi Crunchers! I'm still new to AliX, and would appreciate your guidance. I ordered a couple straps, and one of them is overdue from the delivery windo...

Heck of a Wristy 90!

This one snuck up on me for sure!