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Plastic watches! Way better options than the swatch 50 sprinkles.

I know this is probably a worn out topic already but I just have to say that every single spec on this deep blue is better than the swatch but only a...

That one thing!

I know I will probably get hate for this there just one thing about a watch that is an immediate turn off for you? Some people hate quartz so...

How you gonna cheat me like that WC

How can I have 33 of 60 days but only 22 of 30 what kinda shit yall trying to pull here ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

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BEERDED22 commented on Cork-yay or nay? ยท

Definitely yay

BEERDED22 commented on Thoroughly disappointed with my first Nivada Genchen! ยท

Haha thanks for noticing. It's not hard to tell you are a parrot. Repeating the same dumb shit our news stations do soaking it up like a sponge. What's your favorite American TV program? I bet it's the View?

BEERDED22 commented on Thoroughly disappointed with my first Nivada Genchen! ยท

Really? 81 million votes but has 12 people at rally and 10 are staff. Your sarcasm indicates you know a little something about politics. But we can all tell that isn't the case. I don't even care for trump but watching the left be force fed opinions is hilarious to me.

BEERDED22 commented on Smokinwatches's WRUW ยท

That was the first thing that caught my eye

BEERDED22 commented on BEERDED22's WRUW ยท

I am enjoying it. Hard to beat a auto gmt for this price.

BEERDED22 commented on What's Your Elevator Pitch? ยท

First off me having a conversation with a teenager these days is highly unlikely. I am not PC nor do I play the pronouns game. (Whats your name thats what I will call you). But I will play along with the scenario. The easiest thing to do I guess would be to point out the obvious. That the watch I am wearing could last a life time and the one they are wearing are designed to be obsolete in a year. Nobody will be passing down apple watches to their kids. Maybe they are not sentimental? Maybe the only thing they care about is Instagram clicks. Then encourage them to pick any "influencer" they follow and ask them what they see on their wrist. Most teenagers I know crave socia media like a meth head needs junk drawer to organize. I am just going to say Ed Sheeran doesn't wear apple watches ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ

BEERDED22 commented on Turtles all the way down.... ยท

So to each their own 'til we go home

To other realms our souls must roam

To and through the myth that we all call space and time

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I would put the lume on this 50th anniversary seiko prospex sun043 up against any watch. Let's see what you got.

One open case back I appreciate.

I think the airman 42 did the right thing with a display back cuz this PVD movement is fun to look at!

Decisions Decisions

Oh man I am eyeballing this pretty hard. I am trying to stay strong and save for the bronze watch I want but this is calling me. Quick one of yall buy...

The hunt for Bronze!

So I have been obsessed with bronze watches for a while now. Are there any affordable recommendations out there? Price range is under a 1000$usd and i...