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What triggered your decent down the watch 馃暢

Good morning everyone I answered this question the other day,but in a different way because from family photos looks like five upwards I was a watch k...

Making the dream

Hi everyone I was going to purchase the seiko SJE093J1 new release and I was willing to pay 拢600 over retail which was 拢3200 totaling 拢3800 off ebay o...

Do we collect for our children aswell 馃

Hi everyone I was just reading edge168n post about a watch abc book great I love it it was obviously about getting our children into the hobby from an...

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Kieron commented on Fredwatch50's WRUW

Everyone needs a bond nato,beautiful watch my friend 馃憣

Kieron commented on Rolex Explorer vs Omega Seamaster AT

Just to add owned the AT same model silver dial 馃憥

Kieron commented on Rolex Explorer vs Omega Seamaster AT

I chose this one 馃檮馃ぃ馃槀I know its not one of your options,but it was mine and the right one #better for less than a quarter of the price 馃憣

Kieron commented on Watches and Tattoos! Let鈥檚 see them!

Should have put breguet numerals watch on to match 馃檮 馃ぃsundial on my neck,going to get an hour glass on my nose 馃憣

Kieron commented on Watches and Tattoos! Let鈥檚 see them!
Kieron commented on Watches and Tattoos! Let鈥檚 see them!

No way we have the same tattoo 馃ぃ馃槀馃憣

Kieron commented on What's your EXIT watch ?

Good video max as always 馃憣think my pic out of your choices would be the longines really nice there smashing it at the moment,the breguet numerals dress pieces there doing 馃敟my exit watch yeh I'm not going to bullshit myself or anyone else as long as money and watches exist I'll be buying,unless someone on here has a better idea what to spend money on 馃ぃI'm all ears 馃憘

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First adventure for the pulsar

First day out for my pulsar today didn't dissapoint when I needed the time it was there馃ぃFirst downhill mountain bike session for my little man very im...

Watch I should have been given 馃

Hi everyone through my watch journey I've been interested in lots of different types of watches at different times for different reasons,I'm ex milita...

Khaki adventure

Made up today for all the arm chair wrist shots馃ぃdon't know why I deemed it necessary to take a purpose built watch for war out playing basketball and...

Moral dilemma should this mod be enough 馃

Hi everyone me and the 62mas have been on a strange and wonderful journey from me not being interested in seiko or dive watches this is a very long ti...

Watch related tattoos

Hi everyone just wondering how many if any have watch related tattoos,was wanting to involve my passion for watches into tattoos some how other than g...

Thoughts on first grand seiko

Hi everyone I've been considering this watch for a long time and the re issue versions stainless steel an titanium onse,precious metal versions are ou...

I just couldn't help myself

I was never attracted to divers maybe being more at the start more into the dress pieces datejust santos,was put off by the black bezel inserts seems...