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Grand Seiko has made it big time 馃ぃ馃槀

Fake GS on eBay finally there that popular they have been copied 馃檮馃ぃthe seller also has seiko 馃one was a seiko five strange because it cost more tha...

How likely is it that when we buy Chinese "homages" we're actually also supporting the same companies/factories that make counterfeit watches?

An interesting question for World Counterfeiting Day.
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How Counterfeit Rolexes Actually Work | How Crime Works | Insider

What percentage of Rolex you see worn on the street do you think are fake?

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What to do with my fake watch?

A year ago I bought this Tissot prx on eBay but recently I started messing around with my watches, taking them apart and what not, and I came to the r...

Rolex pepsi real or not?

Hey guys, does the pepsi seem genuine to you? The hands color is very unusual for pepsi, dont you think? Thanks for your inputs!:)

Which fake gold watch would fake Sonny Crockett choose for a real "80s Prom" theme party?

My niece is having an "80s Prom" graduation party next month and I need advice from the Crunchers! Instead of a powder-blue tux, I'm thinking of going with the Don Johnson look from Miami Vice. Which...
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Help me! Original of Fake?

I stumble upon this beauty vintage Bvlgari and I would like to buy it but I don't know if it is fake or original. Based on the pictures I found the mo...