Rules for a collection - Does variety in movements matter to you?

I'm always curious as to what people's philosophy on collection watches is so here's mine. As much as I'm into watches for the aesthetic purposes, I'm also into watches for the engineering/movement aspect of it. So, for me, while I'm a check off the boxes type of collector where I must have a diver, field, and dress watch, I also (ideally) don't have two watches with the same movement in my collection: Montblanc Tradition Manual Winding - (MB23.01 - ETA 7001) Hamilton Khaki Automatic - (H10 - ETA C07.611) Certina DS Action Diver - (Powermatic 80 - ETA C07.611) Vostok Amphibia 120512 - (Vostok 2415) Casio F91W - (Module 593) Yes, it bothers me slightly that my Hamilton and Certina have essentially the same movement. So, does this matter to you or am I an anomaly/crazy? Would love to hear what everyone has to say :)
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I like variety period. Movement variety is something I look for, but I鈥檓 not bothered by having two Powermatic 80s and I three 4R-36s.

This was a reason that held me back from buying a Christopher Ward Dune series. Already having a SW200 based caliber watch in my rotation, albeit one that was redesigned slightly. I am not one to care for movements too too much, but I do enjoy variety.

Now what sucks, is that a lot of brands are starting to use Selitta SW200 as a movement, until I can get past this... I'm missing out on a lot of watches!! 馃槩

I prefer different movements but I wasn't going to turn down the Sugess Top Time copy for using the same ST19 as my Seagull. I have many with the same, it's not as important as the dial for me.

I鈥檝e had issues with the Sellita SW-200 in my Oris so I would prefer not to own another SW-200 watch. But I do find myself gravitating to watches that have movements I don鈥檛 have. Like a Spring Drive or a Breitling B01. Does it have to be unique? No. But I鈥檇 prefer it to be.

While I do like variety in movements, I do not mind having two watches with the same movement. I have two watches with the Miyota 9039 movement, and two Citizen watches with the B877 movement.


The Spinnaker/Islander Croft and the Islander/Urban Gentry Rangemaster both use the Miyota 9039 movement.


Citizen Promaster GMT World Time and Citizen Promaster Nighthawk both use the B877 module.

I also have a number of watches that use NH movements, which are popular among microbrands and AliExpress brands.

I have a few watches with ETA and SW200 movements, why mess with what works?

I even have two different pairs of near identical watches.

CW C60:


Marathon Navigator:


It's a mixed bag. I want variety in both makes and movements, but having the same movement in different watches isn't bad. I mean, a $10 Domestic Unified Movement 7120 from China does the exact same thing as the movement in the Royal Oak. It's the whole overall design that matters most. And quality too, of course! My 7120 is running around +2 sec/day, but I have no illusions about it being a generational watch that will be handed down over and over.

I have a selection of 4R36 and 4R35 to NH36 and NH35


I like variety so as long as it's reliable, I'm open to all kinds.

I am on a bit of a mecaquartz kick right now.

It鈥檚 all about aesthetics for me. But I don鈥檛 have any watches with a same movement either.