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New Solar Tissot T-Touch!

Been wanting a Tissot T-Touch Solar for about a year now, and I finally got one: the Tony Parker edition.

New G Shock Limited Edition!

I ran across this 30th Anniversary Limited Edition GWM5630 in red for less than its original price still in its original box. Not sure the store knew...

Blast from the Past Part Three!

Here is the last of the three watches pre-collection found in random drawers. I got this one when the first Michael Keaton Batman came out. I never wo...

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commented on How many watches per day? ·

Well, I wear a watch when I sleep, and usually change it in the morning. That is the usual two per day. I once got three budget watches in the mail on the same day, and that took my total to five for one day, as I wore each of the new ones for at least a couple hours.

commented on Your Top Non-Bond Movie Watches? ·

Seiko Arnie!

commented on Looking for a well finished quartz chronograph ·

You might think about the Vaer R1.

commented on How many watches per day? ·

At least 2 per day.

commented on Should Everyone have a Quartz in their Life? ·

Solar-powered quartz movements are my favorites.

commented on Which G-Shock? Holiday Edition ·

I'd agree with the finch. G Shock sturdy and looks pretty nice if you go out at night.

commented on Just My Casio Collection ·

Nice! I like that clear jelly Casioak in the upper left corner. It seems I am not the only one who likes a particular G Shock shape, although I am a square man. 😁 Here are mine.


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Blast from the Past Part Two

I was really surprised when my Victorinox Swiss Army Field Watch from 1999 started working with a new battery. So, when I ran across my 1990s DW5600 i...

New G Shock!

I missed this one last year and have no been searching for one at the right price. I finally found one for a good price, and it just arrived yesterday...

25 Year Old Blast from the Past!

I got this watch in 1999 after I had moved to Kansas City. It was my first Swiss watch. I was out running some errands with my brother and ran across...

New Eco Friendly G Shock

My new G5600BG just arrived today, just in time for the warmer weather (at least where I live). This one will be a fun summer watch with the strap and...

Couldn't Resist!

I have seen the prices on these going crazy, and I couldn't resist when I saw one for under $40!

New Eco Friendly G Shock Square

Look at this new eco friendly G Shock G5600BG! Pretty cool, in my opinion. I just ordered one of these for myself. Couldn't resist. 😜

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