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You can’t resist it, it’s electric! Woogie Woogie Woogie

Decided I’d like to have a pre-quartz electric watch in my collection, so here’s my new 1976 Timex Dynabeat. The balance wheel is driven by an electro...

Another mid century vintage watch

Just a 1960s cheapie I picked up on eBay. Needs a little cleaning and polishing tlc but is in otherwise good shape. Inside is a manual winding 1 jewel...

Intersect Atlanta broke my willpower

@NateSC and I went across town to go to the Atlanta #intersectwatchshow today. I didn’t have any plans to buy anything, however, the new gold Ellum fr...

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commented on JonInAtl's WRUW ·

Thank you!

commented on JonInAtl's WRUW ·

Thank you!

commented on JonInAtl's WRUW ·

Thank you!

commented on gatorcris's WRUW ·

Great looking watch

commented on DrColinDTate's WRUW ·

Looking classy!

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Perfect choice to end the week

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Wow! Beautiful

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Unintentional collecting decisions?

I was going through my watch boxes doing a little rearranging and it hit me…. Almost all of my watches have indices, not numbers. Sure there are a few...

Sometimes it takes twice to get it right

I’ve wanted a Borel Cocktail watch in my collection for some time. When I came across one online in really good condition, I bought it, even if it was...

Take your best shot leap year

With my Junghans Solar charged watch with automatic time syncing I’m ready for you!

I find this irritating.

I received another marketing email from Christopher Ward this morning (if only they shipped orders as frequently as marketing emails…but that’s anothe...

Trying an experiment

I make no secret that I’m not generally a fan of Chinese watches. However this one crossed my path today and I liked the color & overall design. S...

Watch swap for date night dinner out

Longlines Conquest Heritage Center Power Reserve.