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Mike23 ·

Save or scratch?

Do you stall your collecting and save furiously for an expensive grail watch? OR scratch the itch periodically and delay your progress?
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BigIona ·

Do you name your watch(es)?

I’ve bought a few watches now and this idea never once crossed my mind. But my most recent purchase has me so obsessed I started thinking about people...
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cycle_of_fifths ·

Battery operated watches stop working on some people.

WatchCrunch, I recently heard a few different people tell me stories of quartz and other battery operated watches that mysteriously stop working on ce...
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TimexBadger ·

30 day watch challenge

After I get my WRUW badge, I'm going to do a 30 day watch challenge. I will wear the same watch for 30 days. Why? It will give me a broader appreciati...
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gbelleh ·

An Unexpected 2-Watch Purchase Day

I knew Cincinnati Watch Co was releasing their P40 Automatic today for pre-order. But Marc from Long Island Watch also unexpectedly released the 40mm...
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grailtimepieces ·

And the Winner of the “Worst Watch Website” Goes to…

There are a handful of watch websites that I know like the back of my hand and I think I could navigate them if I were blindfolded. Rolex, Audemars Pi...
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DariusII ·

Show us a watch you still own and admire given to you by someone who broke your heart...

My girlfriend/wife/ex-wife bought me my Fossil Chronomaster and presented it to me in a most 'traditional fashion' Valentines Day 1994. I put aside an...
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watchbrothers ·

Citizen NP3021-54A

Not a Sarb but this Citizen NP3021-54A is definitely something cool that you don't see every day! 😎 Automatic, 40mm, Sapphire Glass. Just perfect, do...
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TonyXXX ·

Torn between two watches

I've been scouring the web as you do and thinking about my next purchase. I wanted something significant and not blow my money on a couple of micro br...
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ManthraMaximus ·

Opinions from the Vintage Peeps on Watchcrunch

Hello everyone! I have another vintage watch to ask for opinions from the good people of Watchcrunch. This is a vintage Omega Constellation F300Hz, th...
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