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Timetworule ·

1969 Rolex datejust model 1603 calibre 1570

I've inherited this watch from my late uncle and it needs a service badly but after I do that can I put this watch on a watch winder? Any info would b...
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watchoferik ·

Rolex Explorer 2

Black or White? Which one is your favourit?
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TheJoker007 ·

To replace or not to replace the movement

So after a week of wearing my Casio MTD 1010 Sub homage, it finally decided to crap out. I don’t put any blame on the seller because I had tried a different battery I had lying around the seller did s...
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Timetworule ·

3 watches total $5,000cdn here are my picks (retail prices)

1 dress, 1 diver/gmt and 1 everyday. Tissot prx for my dress. Oris big Crown pointer date for everyday. Christopher Ward C60 anthropocene gmt.
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siddarthmehraajm ·

What watch is this?

Does anyone know what watch is this ????
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Notawatchsnob ·

What do you think??

Dave Portnoy is known for a lot of things but watches are not one of them
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altar502 ·

Casio G-SHOCK GA-2100 Black and baby blue

My favorite sport watch for now. What you think about the picture???
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Beastie ·

Watch sizes

As watch brands are actually listening to us consumers, sizes have come down in size and actually fit the average sized wrists. IWC have reduced the s...
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mad4watches ·

More color to the people!

Canadian microbrand VanBanner has re-releases their PM 2.0 and with it a couple of new colors! Check em out at the link below! Edit. No affiliation. J...
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Timetworule ·

Wait more than a year for Rolex wimbledon or just get Omega speedmaster right now

I've waited 8 months already for the Rolex Wimbledon and honestly getting tired of waiting. I love the Omega Speedmaster and can get it RIGHT now if I wanted.
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