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Seiko 5 Sports SRPH53K - Supercars

An Australian limited edition which came out in 2021 and never fully sold - to the degree I just got a special offer about it earlier tonight - is Sei...
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Have your feelings towards the Moonswatch changed?

The poll speaks for itself. Where are you on the Moonswatch now, and has that opinion changed over time?
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Let's see those Casio Marlin's everybody!

Ahhh, the humble Casio Marlin. Is there a better value diver out there? What you get for the price is pretty nuts. A fun watch that I think many watch...
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complication commented on JomaShop Did Not Return My Watch From Service ·

Got to agree with that. Trust me OP, from the outside looking in, this is hardly an end of the world situation, or even a particularly bad outcome all told. You can do a lot worse in the world of watches.

complication commented on Is YouTuber Bruce Williams worth talking to? ·

Yes! This is something people comment on about my own podcast (not a watch podcast, BTW), when they leave reviews. They basically say they like my show because I'm not afraid to have an opinion. Even if they disagree with me, they love that I put it out there, rather than trying to have a 50-50 each way and not offending anyone, or not putting myself in a position of being wrong. 

Of course, I know from listening to other podcasts in my genre that plenty of people DO the bland thing, and there are people who eat that up. They just want to hear people "saying words" about a topic and not taking things too deep, or dying on any given hill when it comes to an opinion. Horses for courses. But all of this is my long way of saying, yes, I totally get what you mean!

complication commented on Save a couple bucks with Quartz? ·

I've bought the quartz version of a watch before and it was for the simple reason that I wouldn't be wearing the watch all that often. When I did want to wear it, I wanted a grab and go scenario (it was a no date watch), and so it was a no-brainer to save some cash on something I wouldn't be wearing often, and have the perfect grab and go watch in the process. To me, that was the most logical scenario.

complication commented on Patina, WTF? ·

I think one of the things people like about patina on a watch is that it gives a unique appearance. If you go and compare the same bronze watch, bought on the same day, with someone else's, it will look different. That's the appeal. It's quite different to your car analogy or letting most things get old and cruddy.

complication commented on Help me: a stienhart dilema ·

I'd say a 42mm on a 7.5" wrist would be absolutely fine.

complication commented on “I wanted everyone to have it…” ·

Is it terrible that I had to look up what Bamford even was? LOL.

complication commented on Obligatory boring introduction of a nobody. ·

Great story, Ray!

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Sternglas Hamburg; Bauhaus on a budget

I've long wanted a Bauhaus style watch, or something heading in that direction and while the Sternglas Naos (38mm, super Bauhaus looks), has had a lot...
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New Brian May Seiko 5

There's a new version of the Brian May Seiko 5 out and, at first glance, I thought they'd done it in a bronze case. If it was, this would be a, "Shut...
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The GMT 'obsession' - is it real?

I don't know about anyone else, but I've always sensed a real obsession around GMT watches. Yet, every time I've asked myself, "Should I get one too,...
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Talk me out of a Steinhart Ocean One Vintage

So, like it says on the tin, talk me out of this guys. But on one condition - not with the same old, "it's a homage" stuff. Yeah, I know it's a homage...
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Seiko SARV001 on leather

When I wrote about SARV001 recently there was a desire from one guy in particular to see it on leather. I've got it on leather this weekend, so here's...
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What will Laco's next limited edition colour be?

So Laco has done Type A and B fliegers in limited edition colours a couple of times now. A 'taupe' in the standard case, and an 'olive' in a PVD coate...
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Seiko SARV001 - yes, the watch I'm always recommending

I've recommended SARV001 so many times on this forum (and it's brother SARV003 which has a black dial), that I thought it's probably time to just stic...
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