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I'm a Seiko fan... and I own no Seiko

I've had a bit of a sell-off during the past couple of weeks. Some vintage watches I've never regarded as part of my actual collection (as I never wor...

My Hanhart Dilemma

This is a tale of four Hanhart watches: 417 ES chrono Pioneer One Pioneer One Limited Edition Pioneer One Nightblue Limited Edition You see, I've pond...

Omega Speedmaster 1975

The birth year watch I'd never considered? A Speedie in a funky case. Popped up at an Aussie dealer today - $4350 Aussie dollarydoos. About US$2800.

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complication commented on Favourite YouTubers ·

Urban Gentry and ID Guy come first.

There'd be half a dozen runners up.

Then a lot of shockers.

complication commented on Do you have a "Grail Watch"? ·

When I was young, it was a Brosnan-era Omega Seamaster. It later morphed into a Tudor Ranger (42mm 'Heritage' version), which I bought and - weirdly - got the Seamaster too within about a month of getting the Ranger, even though it was no longer a grail.

complication commented on What is the most important thing for you in a watch? ·

Design and Heritage for sure... I have to like the look of the thing as it's sitting there on my wrist, and I like to have a watch from a brand that's got some cachet to it. Some people don't need (or even grasp) the latter, and that's OK. We're all different with this stuff.

But those two things are important to me.

Movement... less so. You can say an automatic will run for 48hrs and is plus or minutes 20 seconds a day... and I say, righto. You can say an automatic will run for 70hrs and is plus or minutes 5 seconds a day... and I say, righto. It's not that I believe they are "the same" but I don't place one massively above the other. If it's in a watch I like the look of, with great heritage, I'm not going to sweat it over the performance of the movement and, for my purposes - which is generally just wearing the watch every now and then - it's fine.

complication commented on The trouble with Grand Seiko ·

It's an interesting dilemma. I think the answer lies in what you want out of the watch. If you're comfortable with getting it beat up, and loving every minute of it, and every scratch and dent, fabulous! Buy it, wear it. Don't think twice. But if you want a GS because it's refined, and looks nice, and you want it to be a bit of a showpiece on your wrist when you wear it... but you know you're going to trash it... I'd think twice. It won't be what you want.

complication commented on Should I give up my Rolex dreams to buy a motorcycle to ride with my wife. But then have to settle and get a Tudor instead? ·

Having fun on a bike each, with a great Tudor on your wrist is preferable to not having fun together, and walking around hoping people notice you're wearing a Rolex.

Based on that, what do you think the smart choice is?

complication commented on 🏎️🏁Ferrari anyone?🇮🇹 ·

Not often as they’re generally fashion watches.

complication commented on Best watch for a 300$ budget. ·

Gosh, I don't have mine any more... but Seiko is VERY fond of pins and collars, and I seem to recall that's what mine had. Although I didn't really mess with the bracelet much.

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What do you think of the two new LACO models? 1800 Euro for the regular watch and 2400 Euro for the GMT.

Islander x Urban Gentry "Rangemaster Mechanical" Limited Edition

Well, it's out! 37mm, mechanical, field. This will be pretty crowd pleasing for some!