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Watch for kids?

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone in the States! But Happy Friday for all! Starting my holiday shopping, and I'm trying to get an analog watch for a 7 y...
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Oris Big Crown LE Waldenburgerbahn

Is there something I'm missing here? $2300 retail, for a LE caseback and a cervo volante strap? Other than that there is nothing different(that I can...
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What’s with the hate on rivets?

Was watching a few reviews on the Tudor BB 58, and one consistent “con” was the rivets. Is there a genuine reason as to why the rivets deserve so much...
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Cometman commented on My little collection family grows by one... ·

Not to discourage you from doing so, but have you looked into the first edition Hodinkee Diver 65? It's a manual wind, so it's thinner and already has a ghost bezel!

Cometman commented on My little collection family grows by one... ·

When I got my 65, I was thinking the same thing, lume isn't great, aluminum bezel, THE RIVETS?!, 100m WR, and overall a "Generic design"? - I was essentially comparing it to a Tudor 58.

It has since been my most worn watch, and:

  1. the lume isn't great; but it works when I need it to.

  2. aluminum bezel; No dings scratches yet, and I like a good patina down the line anyways.

  3. Rivets!?; Haven't noticed them at all tbh.

  4. 100m WR; it's enough, no one is finding the Titanic in one of these.

  5. As for the "generic design", it has that modern vintage charm. It's such a comfortable watch, especially with the taper bracelet, and it really just does everything well for a everyday tool/casual watch.

Diver 65 really is a watch that is more than the sum of its parts, whatever that means 😬.

Cometman commented on watch MUST KNOWs ·


adding to it:

Buy the seller.


Cometman commented on Let's play… YOU'RE THE BRAND AMBASSADOR! ·

To be an "ambassador" I think also means you represent the brand, their ethos, and their impact - not just a walking billboard for their designs.

There might be more brands doing the same, but I am going with Oris. I am bias because I wear one most of the time 😂.

Cometman commented on Moonshine gold moonswathc?!? ·

My theory is a moonshine gold medallion where the battery cover is. OR it's a moonshine case w/ a swatch movement which would make this release closer to an Omega than a Swatch imho.

Cometman commented on Which brands are providing quick bracelet adjustment functionality (aka glidelock) these days? ·

The new omega speedy clasp has some quick adjustment, some IWC clasps been having it as well.

Cometman commented on Is the Rolex lack of supply real or artificial? ·

Rolex, quite honestly, is probably doing what they can. Demand beats supply, great for them. As Rolex doesn't gain a single penny from secondary market(pre-owned program is a different discussion); it only makes sense that Rolex (wants) to make more watches to meet the demand - as it means more $.

The allocation part is really more on ADs imho. "Waitlist" conversation aside, even where they want people who won't flip the watch out the door - is clearly not working as secondary market is filled with new stock. Therefore they are allocating to these people.

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Yellowing skeleton casioak; mod recommendations

Hey all, I’ve had this Casioak for a little over a year now, but it looks like its been in my possession for 10+. Yellowing started within a few month...
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