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What Is Your Latest "No Purchase" Decission and Why

OK, we have all been there, we see a watch, we like it, we put it on a list and then wind up not buying one when presented the opportunity. Or we're i...

The Northport "Fireball" Watch - A Kitchen Table Review

Hello again from the kitchen table. My subject for this review was a recent birthday gift and is much appreciated. This is the second to Islander Watc...

Islander Watch #ISL-196

4.4 Avg. Score

GPHC Awards Nominees This years nominees for the FONDATION DU GRAND PRIX D'HORLOGERIE DE GEN脠VE awards. L...

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StevieC54 commented on Nomos vs Smiths

I know nothing about Smiths watches other than the company also make automitve gages that are well respected. I am very happy with the Nomos that is in my collection.

StevieC54 commented on What's currently on your watch shortlist?

As of this morning, a Cincinnatus Field Watch by Cincinnati Watch Co. Passing by a store that carries them on the trip to Detroit that starts tomorrow.

StevieC54 commented on Last spot in the box

Time for a new box

StevieC54 commented on Thoughts on Nico Leonard?

Poor production value, nothing new to see here.

StevieC54 commented on Possibly a very unpopular opinion.

The main problem with quart are dead batteries, at the most inopportune time. 馃榿

StevieC54 commented on A sapphire sandwich done right

Looks like the bezel is of similar construction. I have seen "sandwich" bezels on multiple watches.

Nice watch, btw.

StevieC54 commented on New watch stand

Been there, done that, not on this stand but other "collectibles" that I paid way to much for but had to have it.

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A Kitchern Table Review - Islander Wave

Hopefully you all know Islander Watch; it is the in house brand of ( Long ) Island Watch Co. and I must say they offer quite a bit of watch for the mo...

Islander Wave

4.6 Avg. Score

A Kitchen Table Review of the Wave by Islander Watch

My review is now in the review section. Somehow got posted wrong. Sorry about that Chief.

Kitchen Table Review of the Stella Breslin

Stella Watch Company ( ) is a micro brand estabished in New York City in 2019, just in time for Covid to rear it's...

Stella Breslin

5.0 Avg. Score

Good Chuckle

Just saw an article on Goggle News. Seems a YouTuber, a MrBeast, claimed to have acquired a new gold Rolex then went into a pawn store to see what he...

SciFi Inspired Watches

Who else has a scifi inspired watch(s)? Yes, the Hamilton Ventura (not the Elvis) qualifies as it is the Men In Black watch. Here's is my best one, a...

Pet Peeve

People have posted specific pet peeves they have so I thought I would just post the question without limiting the peeve. I鈥檝e thought about it for a w...

Unique Time Displays

Let鈥檚 see your unique time displays. Here are two from The One watch company. This reads 9:16 then the date is displayed. Always reminded me of an old...