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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Maximum Mechanical Adoption Rate

In an imaginary scenario, every realistic effort imaginable is made to convert the population of your country to start wearing a mechanical hand wind or automatic) watch. One is sent to everyone, with...
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How To Save Watch Wear and Tear and Improve Service Life

I am amazed that I never see this advice as it is quite simple. We all know that modern timepiece lubricants is infinite and that the key to mechanica...

Steamboat Willie Watch Time

The original Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie, is now public domain. I went to AlieExpress and have yet to see any Steamboat Willie watches. Please get...

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commented on Review: Where There Is A Will There Is A Way - But Not For Much Longer ·

AFAIK every "sculpted" case back that is not merely etched is bas relief, like almost all coins. Yours is different in having a separate metal as well as the high relief. A timely example can be seen at https://www.watchcrunch.com/Furz666/posts/nwa-870-420199

commented on Itty bitty thang 😊 ·

I feel my late great aunt's Bulova is smaller yet but I don't have it with me. This is a snap back, so the case back should pop off fairly readily with a case knife.

commented on Yet another homage post… ·

I would say that you should smash it over your hand, as everyone knows a fake will break. However, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between real and fake so you might want to hold off.

commented on Wall Clock Love ·

Just something I got at some home goods discount store some twenty years ago. I probably use it more for the temperature and humidity than the time.

commented on Walmart!! ·

My fear is that they are liquidating with plans to either remove the whole segment or supplant it with crummy private label brands. I visited my local Wallyworld a week or so back and found no real bargains. Many others having better luck than I.

commented on 2024 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride ·

Ha, my PSA is fine! My desire for modern performance at a modest price unfortunately precludes me from participating in this annual event. I'd love to see it, but they keep it all secret lest moochers show up. I am quite surprised that a DOXA diver can appear decently vintage, but it do.

commented on Hey watch people! I’m thinking about launching a new subscription RENTAL service ($60/mo), where you’ll get a mystery mechanical wristwatch from micro brands like Nodus or Baltic to try on. You’ll need to return it to receive the next mystery watch. ·

So this is for keeps or a revolving service? My general feeling is that this type of thing tends to be an outlet for stuff that didn't sell (usually for a reason).

I'm personally saturated and have no need to accrue fairly random pieces in a regular manner, but there is probably a market.

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Have you ever heard of this?

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