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Watch Shopping in Sydney today .

Watch shopping in Sydney with the wife . The Grand Seiko model is new , the SBGW297G much better fit with a 9S movement. Around 8.1K , I tried on a VC...

The wife’s window shopping 🛒 today , she wants the small Tank Cartier . Panerai were nice but she gelled with the Cartier . Nice 👍🏼. My window shopping expedition will be on a another post:)

Watch shopping in Sydney:)

Panerai 44mm Luminor .

This has taken my fancy the big 44mm plain Luminor . Does anyone else own either of the two handers on a skinny wrist like mine , I am feeling quite c...

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commented on From both extremes ·

I have experienced the same thing with Makita also , being retired now I no longer need half the stuff Ive got 🙂 still want an 18v recipro saw 🙂

commented on grand.psycho's WRUW ·

Stu it’s a peach 🍑. Love it 🥰

commented on Is this the BEST WATCH EVER for you ?? ·

If his name was Paul Smith maybe it would be worth more ?!? I am constantly flabbergasted by these sort of people who buy this kind of thing . It’s alright , I would prefer a new one …. Seriously crazy people …

commented on Blued screws or no? ·

Last longer before corrosion occurs so definitely heat treated thanks . Look at Boar war gun barrels still rust free after 120 years , my brother owns a Mauser action single shot rifle from 1903 …. So yes blue screws thanks

commented on Your Thoughts on These Cool Calatrava Models? ·

Absolutely what floats your boat is correct! I do love trad Patek , just a couple brands in the line up for me personally! You still can’t go wrong with a Patek ( Laurent Ferrier was creative director for over 30 years for Patek! )

commented on “One-Watch Collection” ·

From the owner’s memory of previous watches in and out he can be a collector, who is going to police that owner’s memory that he/she is a collector because currently there is only one watch in his physical possession?

commented on Longines Dolcevita vs Junghans Max Bill 38mm! ·

Both , You can have both for the price of a Tudor, Ive got the Longines and I live it but I would happily have a Max Bill too !


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New Watch box

I picked up online a Chinese version of a Pelican case without the big bucks price , ok , the plastic is more vitrious and not quite as impact resista...

What are these worth on the pre loved market?

Just curious what the resale percentage on no mark no scratches, SPB 143 & SPB183J are worth box & papers . Just curious on other opinions on...

Housework mode

Could this become a thing ? With a MIP display its quite easy if your balance and dexterity is there (just a bit silly ) 🙃 😜

SOTC 2023

Well this year , I sold a Stowa Flieger, a Sinn 104ST and a SARB017 , picked up two Tudors and a NG , I picked up two Casio’s one for my wife and one...

Movement education on WRUW or NWA ?!?

I just had a thought while looking through WRUW posts. I believe that more information rather than model numbers and discriptives of watches could be...