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Turkey Time!

18 lb Turkey is in the smoker at 2240. Will be a juicy and delicious bird at ~ 0800. The Speedy chronometer is set as a back up to my Traeger thermome...

Yeah, it’s a problem…

Earlier this week I posted this: On...

I met a REAL LIFE WATCH NERD today, and it might be a problem.

While working with one of my new employees today he asked, “hey is that a land tortoise?” WOW! No idea people like you and me existed IRL. We of cours...

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commented on Golfing bad for movements? ·

You ain’t that big a hitter that this should be a concern.

commented on Black or white dials? ·

I’d get the Eberhard.

commented on Rolex Milgauss ·

I hope it comes back. Note that it’s selling point was the faraday cage making it anti-magnetic. It’s now much easier to increase anti-magnetism w/o the cage, and the cage increases the thickness of the watch.

The Air King shared a case with the Milgauss, but the new version ditched the cage and slimmed down. Where does the Milgauss fit in vs the current Air King?

commented on Birthday Watch ·

I would recommend going to the AD and trying some on. I think I will be getting my first Rolex next year, but will be trying some on this fall prior to officially placing my interest.

commented on cornfedksboy's WRUW ·

It took we several years to realize this was the way I NEEDED to collect.

commented on Speaker of the House Mike Johnson ·

Is he preaching that people should be modest and humble in their life? I was not aware of that.

Folks sure are trying to do the gotcha I suppose.

commented on Whats the most versatile watch? ·

The Speedy has a robust 50m WR, but I don’t wear mine IN THE WATER. I would want something with 100 m WR.

Dive watches are great, but you are limited on dressing up (my wardrobe isn’t impacted).

The Rolex OP and Explorer are the model GADA watches.

I like the Aqua Terra a lot for this in a similar price range, and for a GADA, I wouldn’t go over the Rolex price point.

Cartier Santos doesn’t work at the gym.

Longines Spirit is fantastic as is the Sinn 836 and the Ball Engineer III Marvelight at the next tier lower.

Going down in price, Hamilton Khaki is too sporty and Tissot Gentleman is too dressy.

The new Citizen Tsuyosa are nearly ideal under $500, but only 50 m WR.

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How do you think about your watches? I know some people think of their watches as jewelry or an accessory to their wardrobe (or their wardrobe as an accessory to their watch). Others think of their wa...
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G-Shock and Bourbon Peach Crush

Yesterday is was sunny and beautiful and I had one (6) of these drinks on a weekend afternoon. Today it’s rainy and dark and I have to work tomorrow,...

G-Shock and Peach Bourbon Smash on this Saturday

It’s a decent day here in the heartland and thought I would have a cocktail on the back porch before reverse searing some rib-eyes and corn on the cob...

So I did a thing…

Got this little beauty in the mail today. I picked it up free through a rewards program. Kind of a fun effU watch! Wears great, looks great, functions...

The problem with the Omega Aqua Terra

My buddy got me started collecting watches. He bought a Hamilton, then I bought a Hamilton. He bought a Seiko then I bought a Seiko. He bought an Aqua...