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What attire would you/do you pair with the Cartier Santos Medium

I’ve been pondering this purchase for some time and am listing after the Cartier Santos medium, but I’m not sure it fits in with my lifestyle. On the...
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Murph vs Big Crown

The introduction of the Murph in 38mm peaked mine and a lot of other peoples attention. The cathedral hands and the wearable case make this watch an intriguing choice for an everyday watch. I didn’t i...
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The rarely acceptable over your close wear…perfectly executed!

My Alpina Alpinist Regulator only gets occasional wrist time, but this is that time. It comes from the factory with an extra long strap and is ideally...
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cornfedksboy commented on Looking for my first Swiss Made ·

It’s Longines or a microbrand: Farer, Christopher Ward, Monta, or Reef.

cornfedksboy commented on What Would be Your One Watch? ·

Oh, I don’t own one, but if I could only have one, that would be it.

cornfedksboy commented on You’re not who I thought you were ·

Has an even more rich history than an Explorer, Submariner, or Speedmaster.

cornfedksboy commented on What Would be Your One Watch? ·

Omega Aqua Terra. 150m water resistance, three hander with a date. Beautiful watch to look at and a strap monster.

My phone offers everything else and then some.

cornfedksboy commented on You’re not who I thought you were ·

Cartier Santos. Built as an aviation instrument originally, but now a dress(y) watch.

cornfedksboy commented on My 3 Watch Collection ·

Fantastic collection. The only complications in your collection are date, small seconds, and rotating bezel. That’s probably a good thing for a three watch collection!

cornfedksboy commented on Which brand has the best affordable mechanical watches? ·

Shout out to Hamilton over Tissot.

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cornfedksboy ·

PRX on rubber strap

Just got a Delugs rubber strap for the PRX. Should be a good summer wear!
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What watch to wear?

I really want to watch this movie, but I don’t think I have the appropriate watch. Show me your Pilots and Fliegers!
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Six Swiss

With the arrival of my Tissot PRX, my watch box feels complete (not my collection mind you). In order of purchase: Alpina Alpiner Regulator Ball Engin...
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It has arrived!

This sexy fella just arrived via UPS! It was the result of my poll a few weeks or so ago, so thank you to everyone that voted! https://www.watchcrunch...
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If you had $5000 to spend at Swatch Group boutiques, what would you buy?

The game is that you have a $5000 gift card that can only be used on Swatch brand products, so you have to buy new and at retail price. This would inc...
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Sporty look for my GMT

Added a $10 Crown and Buckle NATO to my Longines Spirit Zulu Time. The leather strap is rather fantastic, but this gives it a sporty, fun look to mix...
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10 best Enthusiast Watches

Pretty good list! https://youtu.be/FajSOkSlrGA I think I would have had a Hamilton Khaki Field and a Seiko diver in there in place of the MoonSwatch a...
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