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Why Did I Wait So Long?

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KristianG commented on They Make Watches in Manitoba?!

Great choice for colour, I think the white is the best-looking model.聽

KristianG commented on CWoW Budget edition

It's the McDonald's hamburger of watches, cheap to buy, but not really worth it.聽

Also, the F91-W came out in 1989... it's not as old as other more properly "iconic" digital watches, like the G-Shock, and Ironman.聽

Its popularity seems mostly based on cheapness, and influencers pushing it hard so people who can't afford the watches luxury watches the influencer normally hypes still tune-in to their videos and blogs.聽

Just look at the responses in this thread where people vote it to be cool, simply because they have been told it's "God tier", and "horologically significant".聽

KristianG commented on Watch Brands You Want To Like, But Don鈥檛 (At Least Not Yet)

I know I should like Oris, but there is always something about them that puts me off.聽

KristianG commented on Q Timex Chronograph

The Waterbury looks much nicer, but that's just a colour choice issue.聽

KristianG commented on Arcus Mesos Monopusher

I was tempted to go for a dual pusher model, but it was clear that the price was too high for most.聽

KristianG commented on C60 trident pro 300 vs Doxa sub 200

On Rubber the CW ($865-125= $740) is less money than the Doxa ($950).聽

I haven't handled a Doxa, but I can attest tot he build quality of CW, I have four currently. The attention to detail ont he CW will be impressive for a watch costing sub $1K.聽

Also, the 38mm CW C60 300 has a lug to lug of 45mm.聽

KristianG commented on Hottest watch takes?

Seiko is ridiculously overrated because a few early "influencers" pushed them hard, and they were available on the grey market dirt cheap because nobody actually wanted them.聽

The F91W is crap, it's only popular because it's so cheap that you can buy a new one every week, and not notice a dent in your finances. It's like arguing the McDonald's hamburger is "God Tier" because you can buy a lot of them for little money, and they fill your belly.聽

I have more, but I'll let the above have some soak time馃ぃ

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