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JOMW is Dropping a New Brand 7 Oct

I just saw JOMW's latest video discussing his new brand. From what he describes, it will be a "cracker" of a watch, and I am looking forward to seeing...

A Different Kind of Smiths

I noticed this lurking in a display case at the Chief's and Petty Officer's mess this afternoon. Looks like a British made Smiths ship's clock from th...

New Video by Blancpain

It looks like the leaks were real, and the Swatch Fifty-Fathoms will be coming soon.

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KristianG commented on My taste/collection is moving away from rubber/resin watches 🥹 ·

I found myself in a similar position back in 2018. I had a durable plastic Timex, and a reliable Citizen Eco-Drive, but wanted something "nicer".

Fast forward a few years, and I am glad I went down that route, but I recommend jumping from $50 Casio straight to $1-2K watches like CW, Seiko, or Swatch brands. Less expensive watches work, and are well made, but once you hit the $1K mark the quality is noticeably better.

These days I wear CW, Damasko, Marathon, and Jack Mason. My less expensive micros sit unloved on my dresser, not because they are bad, but because the other watches are nicer.

KristianG commented on Should I buy a Casio Duro or a CasiOak Gshock ·

Neither, save a few dollars more and buy something actually interesting.

I hate my Casioak.... it's bulky, not great any anything useful, and mostly a hype watch.

KristianG commented on Authentication - At what price point does it start to matter? ·

The simple answer is don't buy if you have any concern about authenticity.

Luxury watches aren't necessities, so buy new or stick to a price your comfortable being ripped-off at.

KristianG commented on Hamilton khaki is overrated? ·

I like field watches, and I agree that you can get the look for a lot less elsewhere. That's part of why I never bothered with a Khaki field watch. They are well made, but don't interest me.

KristianG commented on Skmei Brand opinion ? ·

By the time I'm under $200 I'll just stick to buying the known brand. Timex, or Casio both make great watches that cost slightly more than Skmei.

KristianG commented on The paradox that is CheapestNatoStraps ·

The hardware is made by a company that specializes in strap hardware I suspect. They batch buy hardware, and have a strap supplier throw the cheapest material possible on the hardware.

It makes sense from a business perspective. Less well-made hardware from a new supplier would likely be more expensive than just buying what everybody else buys.

KristianG commented on A quarter century on this planet: Which one? ·

I think the CW is a better option.

I think GS is a bit overrated in the watch enthusiast community. Lots of companies make great quartz watches.

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