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How do you figure out what bezel might fit on a different watch?

So, I've got this Heimdallr that's homaging the Citizen Promaster. I want to heavily modify it, and one of the things I want to change is the bezel in...

Anybody else start their chronograph and then forget about it?

Wanted to time out 2 minutes quick. It was fine, got timed, but doing what I was doing after the 2 minutes, I completely forgot I had the Chrono runni...

Finally finished my bronze build!

Also included a drawing I did of what I wanted, just for fun. The main build wasn't bad, although I did change out a couple things from the first put...

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commented on Fuji China Movement

I inherited a Rolex that was pretty nice, but I thought it was a fake. So I popped off the back, and this was on the inside of the caseback.

commented on Do you think more people would like quartz if they were all sweeping seconds hands like the 262?

I think quartz outsells mechanical due to the huge cost difference. You can pick up an F-91W for $15 that will do way more than a $150 Orient, so most people will go with the cheaper option that fills their needs. But show a lot of people who don't know watches the difference in the seconds hand sweep, and they usually get it. Although most of them will think we're crazy for spending so much just for a smoother sweep.

commented on Do you think more people would like quartz if they were all sweeping seconds hands like the 262?

I do care about how the seconds hand moves. I find it relaxing to watch a smoother seconds hand. Quartz, not so much. Although I have a VH31 movement that I'm going to try to swap into a different case, want a smoother seconds hand without losing the quartz thinness.

commented on I'm no "Mr. Wonderful". But, I also enjoy my red straps.

And contrary to his nickname, he's actually kind of a d-bag.

commented on Mechanical watches for kids

I know, I know, it's pretty big for a kid. But also only $13 shipped, and it really is fun. Maybe consider a cheap skeletonized pocket watch. I got one with the same movement (I did a hand swap on them). Still get to see everything without spending much, and size isn't an issue since it's not worn on the wrist. Just a thought anyways.

commented on Mechanical watches for kids

I got one of these. Super fun to wear, and easily cheap enough for 6 year olds! Might be on the large side, but it's worth it.

commented on Hrethgir's WRUW

Runs well too, have it a little regulation. If wear it more of it wasn't such a pain to set the date, lol!

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Really need a 38mm x 32.2mm black/red insert!

So, my latest build is basically done, but my bezel insert is giving me some trouble. The case is made by Tandorio, and while it looks like a Willard,...

My newest build, NH34-based bronze.

Hello fellow Crunchers, just finished building my latest watch, parts were all bought for my birthday from AliExpress. Stayed with a 44mm bronze case...

Birthday build about to start!

Today is my birthday, and so even though I've had these parts for 3+ weeks, I wasn't able to do anything with them. But now, I am free to build! Don't...

Asymmetrical cases? Never seen anything like this.

Bulova Accuquartz 2242 I recently picked up at an antique shop. Honestly didn't even notice the difference between the top and bottom of the case unti...

Antique shop find today

Went to a local antique shop with my wife today, and ran across this watch. Bulova Accuquartz. After looking at similar values on Chrono24, had to pic...

Any other puzzle nerds out there?

My Pepsi bezel Christopher Ward C65 Trident on my speedcube, thought it was a fun play with the colors of the cube and the bezel. I've got a bunch of...