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Watches in the wardrobe 😕

We never really found a space for the boxes, so they move around the bedroom, sometimes on the drawers, or on the floor, or under the chairs... wherev...

Raketa "Goroda"

Posted for no other reason than I see my son's flight is passing close to Tashkent, shown on this world timer at roughly the 2.30 position - this is a...

NOT a SOTC, just a dozen outliers

I'm not going to bore everyone with the entire collection, but here's a dozen that I wear when I want something a little different. Nothing too outrag...

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commented on eBay Finds: A Quartz Seiko with a Surprising Name, a Gorgeous Wittnauer Chronograph, and Some of the Fanciest Lugs You’ll Ever See ·

That Wittnauer dress watch is something else - not sure I could pull it off though.

commented on Watch Hunt ·

This is one of several asymmetrical designs that housed the 500 / 500A / 505 electric movement. This same movement was in the original Pacer / Ventura.

The first watches with that movement were released in '57 after a ten year race to make a battery small enough. The movement is not the same as a quartz, and the 500s were very delicate.

There are a handful of watchmakers who specialise in these, it's probably worth doing some research to find them. I think there's quite a bit of knowledge posted online but I'd be looking for a specialist when it comes to the movement.

commented on What style of watch do you just don't like? ·

Standard flieger, I could use it at night instead of counting sheep, I might reach the bottom but I'm unlikely to climb the left side. 😉

commented on What style of watch do you just don't like? ·

Probably worthy of a poll, though only four options won't be enough!

I stick near to classic definition - small, precious metal, two hander, no complications, leather strap. I relax it to allow a second hand (or subdial second hand), occasionally a date, and steel can be ok. Bracelets and divers are definitely out, no matter what James Bond wears. (You, dear reader, aren't James Bond!) Actual value of the watch isn't relevant.

commented on I organize sometimes… ·

My expensive pieces are in an expensive wooden box. Other watches are in the standard Amazon 24 slot boxes (though I replaced the pillows with soft ones). I'm trying to cut down so I'm trialling putting some in a cheap pelicase with a view to passing them on.

The 24 boxes have some kind of order - a row of Divers, a row of Space related, Dress watches, Chronos. And I try to put rose gold tone to the left, then gold, then steel on the right.

I'm sure there's a better way to do it but I'm so used to it now that I roughly know where every watch is.

commented on What style of watch do you just don't like? ·

Field and Flieger. I could explain but I've already lost interest.

Digital doesn't do it for me, I specifically bought an analogue-digital dual time as my beater as I know I won't be concerned if it gets trashed.

Divers that are more expensive than a basic watch. It's a tool, no point in spending more than just enough. The big-showy-bezel thing just isn't me.

commented on FedEx import fees, delayed by 10 days? ·

In UK I've found it depends on the carrier, sometimes it's an email before but delivery isn't held back for payment, sometimes delivery is held back, and sometimes they invoice afterwards. And occasionally, bless 'em, you get away with a freebie!

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Hamiltons on sale at TK Maxx (UK)

FWIW there are several models with discounts to RRP of 38-47% (their figures). They seem to get Hamilton stock a couple of times a year.

WRUW count reset to zero again

So I should be over 120 by now, but lost my first batch in the mid fifties, and the second batch is now showing 1 instead of 68 🤷