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NWA Casio Beside

A online friend of mine on Instagram sold me this quite unique Casio not sure if it's a JDM model but a very Genta inspired design from Casio.

Share your rare or unique Casio.

I know some collectors have some rare pieces.

Late Night Thoughts: Does Seiko not value their pilot watch heritage?

Sitting here, looking at my pilot watches, I thought, 'Is Seiko holding back on their aviation heritage?' Companies like Stowa, IWC, and Laco pride th...

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JJMM1983 commented on New acquisition, 417 es limited edition 59/150 ·

Welcome to the club. The Hanhart 417es still my grail.

JJMM1983 commented on Current state of the collection ⏱️ ·

I love your collection I'm a huge Citizen fan.

I think since you got the Hami meaning you are entering the Swiss market I think a Swiss diver or Pilot watch will be a good choice.

First choice would be a quartz Glycine GMT Swiss made:


The automatic selection I would go with a bronze color Swiss made and great price:


For pilot I would go again with a Glycine Airman (many dispute it was the first GMT before Rolex) :


Also a German Classic Laco:


If you care more about dial colors Seiko Presage also have great dials.

JJMM1983 commented on When 37mm is enough ·

Those Seiko dials are just making the competition cry. Great watch

JJMM1983 commented on New Purchase: Hamilton Khaki Field Auto ·

You definitely got a classic.

JJMM1983 commented on Seiko 5 GMT Vs San Martin GMT. ·

You might not care but we buy into a business model unless SM is doing it as a hobby. I'm not disputing what's the better watch or which watch ppl should like. I'm just saying the price difference between SM and Seiko are more than just specs and price on a tag.

JJMM1983 commented on Seiko 5 GMT Vs San Martin GMT. ·

You are talking two different business models. Seiko has a factory that creates and builds inhouse movements, A design team/ an original design. Probably a huge marketing budget and logistics budget. Seiko needs to stand behind their warranty.


San Martin has no marketing budget. They buy Seiko movements vs actually creating their own. Their sales numbers pales compare to Seiko. San Martin is only online aka no retail presence. The huge list goes on.

For a person that wants only bang for the buck sure go with the homage brand. Which they just "borrow" designs and buy movements and put a cheaper price tag and pump it out. While Seiko probably takes years of investments for new movements, design and bunch of dudes in suits getting paid 6 figures to decide the new watches are coming out.

JJMM1983 commented on Cop or Drop? ·

For sure not worth over $300.


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I just could not help myself I'm a sucker for gray. Post some of your favorite gray dial. Also does silver dials count as gray?

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