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Yema Rallygraf

My watch of the day

Anyone Else Been Thrown Off Of WUS?

The busiest watch forum by far is Watch You Seek, but I'm never quite sure why. It's full of rude watch snobs who talk down to people all the time, an...

How often do you change the watch you are wearing?

I'll start off. On average about twice a day Now you.............

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commented on MaxOliver's WRUW ·

The Twelve is a gorgeous watch, I just wish it was 38mm

commented on The horrors of magnetism 🧲⚡️… do you care? ·

As an enthusiast I have owned literally hundreds of mechanical watches, and i all that time only one has ever become magnetized. As a matter of interest it was my Seiko Alpinist. I used a cheap and cheerful demagnetizer and it worked a treat. All that said, if I am aware of a magnetic field I keep clear.

commented on Anyone Else Been Thrown Off Of WUS? ·

The problem there is that I have to pay for a VPN, and secondly there are many sites where it has to be turned off. I used to have one, and cancelled it

commented on Anyone Else Been Thrown Off Of WUS? ·

Of course I won't, I'm a dickhead myself 😕

commented on How do you decide if a watch is 'good value' for its price? ·

It depends on your definition of value for money. I bought a BB36 for £1850, now it's probably worth £2500, which makes the purchase fantastic value for money. If we are discussing "is a watch worth a sum of it's parts" it certainly isn't. I'm convinced that the San Martin version of the same watch is equally well made, albeit the movement in the Tudor is far better. Of course, it could be argued most watches that aren't a Chinese brand are poor value if we are just talking a sum of it's parts.

In brief, anything is worth what someone will pay.


My tip is to buy a watch box that suits the size of your collection, then sell one to buy one. If there isn't anything you want to sell, don't buy, on the other hand if you're a bit bored with a watch, sell it and treat yourself to something else. There are few things better than receiving a new watch, and I include the birth of a child in that

commented on San martin ·

I just sold the vintage diver with painted indices and burnt orange dial. It was indeed a great watch that wore well. A Geckota Sea Hunter became available, also with a burnt orange dial, which replaced the SM. Mine had the YN55 movement, which I prefer to the NH35

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