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Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”?

I’m sorry, but this has to be one of those things that gets under my skin the most. Calling a piece that costs $2,900 CAD an “entry-level” watch shows...

My 4 Watch Collection - My Ideal Collection Size

I wanted to share my 4 watch collection after recently purchasing the Seiko Dolce 6020-5930 as my dress watch. I’ve always liked the idea of having a...

One Year On The Wrist! • Hamilton Khaki Automatic 38mm

One year flew by! I purchased this last year as my daily driver and honestly I wasn’t sure how long it would last in my collection. I like experiencin...

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commented on Zombie 🧟 apocalypse is upon us, what watch would wear while leaving the rest of your collection?? ·

Gonna go with my Hamilton Khaki Auto 38mm on this nylon strap 💪

commented on matteo.cavallin's WRUW ·

It is indeed!

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”? ·

Don’t worry about it! It’s my fault, emotions got the better of me and made a spontaneous post haha

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”? ·

Hey John, sorry that was me who deleted it actually. Sorry about that. I felt like I was spreading too much controversy 😬

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”? ·

Nothing about luxury was mentioned in their title. It just says “The perfect entry level watch”. If it said, “the perfect entry level LUXURY watch” then that would’ve been fine obviously.

commented on matteo.cavallin's WRUW ·

Thank you very much, I love it as well. Been wearing it a lot recently.

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”? ·

Of course, but I think a relative term is "affordable". As you said, for someone making $200k/year a watch would be considered "affordable" but not more "entry-level". Entry-level is something that is defined and concrete. Is this entry-level luxury? Yes. It's not just any old entry-level watch. To me, simply stating something as "entry-level" with that price tag is simply incorrect.

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