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The Watches I've Bypassed

My collecting style may be unique, but I guess that's what this post is intended to find out. I'm a quality over quantity guy in everything I buy. I l...
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User Experiences on Sellita Movements

So, I have an Oris Big Crown Pointer Date with a Sellita SW-200 inside. I've owned it for exactly 2 years. I absolutely love this watch, with one exce...
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What Percentage of your Collection is Quartz?

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GoingTopShelf commented on What are you saving up for currently? ·

Beautiful watch. I wish they textured the dial the way they did the mist flake. I'd choose the darker dial version every time for legibility.

GoingTopShelf commented on What are you saving up for currently? ·

JLC Polaris Mariner Date. But I’m probably 12 months away at my current saving rate.

GoingTopShelf commented on Great watches stuck in the “friend zone” ·

Any Zenith. Love the Chronomaster Sport and most of the revival series. The 37mm A385 and A384 models sit so well on my wrist. But at $7-10k, that’s a high price to pay if you aren’t a chronograph guy. And sadly, I am not. 

GoingTopShelf commented on Why did Hans Wildorf name Tudor, Tudor ·

Because he thought they would school other watch brands?

I'll see myself out, thank you.

GoingTopShelf commented on Watchmaster Robbery ·

Happens all the time. My local watch shop has about 100 pieces displayed daily. All on consignment.

GoingTopShelf commented on Chronographs - Heuer or Zenith? ·

Have you put a Monaco on your wrist? The square size and the prominent thickness make it a watch that I personally cannot pull off with my 6.75" wrist. Your mileage my vary, but it is certainly not for everyone. Great design, but wearability is an issue for me at least.

GoingTopShelf commented on Introducing myself! ·

Nice watch. What's Reddit? 😜

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Isofrane Dive Strap Opinions

Anyone own an authentic Isofrane strap? My Seiko Mini Tuna (shown below) came with a really bad rubber strap. Its too long and bubbles around the buck...
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How many watches do you purchase annually?

No judgment, just curious what people's habits are on this forum. I tend to buy about 1-2 watches per year, but I've gone through phases where that was much higher. I think I bought 5 watches between...
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Do You Give Your Watches a Nickname?

I'm not talking about popular industry nicknames like Batman, Hulk, or Snowflake. I'm talking about pet names you give your watches that are specifica...
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Fixing a Timex Indiglo

I've had a few Timex watches over the years. I get them because I find them fun due to the indiglo feature. It's awesome. But, a lot of people don't r...
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Winter Park Arts Festival - Oris Airstream

This past weekend was the 63rd annual Winter Park (FL) arts festival. The event takes place in downtown Winter Park, Florida, which is a suburb of Orl...
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