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What's the one thing you hate most about your favorite watch?

So my favorite watch in my collection is my Omega Aqua Terra. It's been the most worn watch in my collection for four years running now averaging betw...

Pink Is My New Obsession - Monta Noble (#1WC)

I have painstakingly made a point to NOT look at anyone else's entries into today's #1WC post so as to not be influenced by other people in describing...

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commented on GoingTopShelf's WRUW ·

In the finishing department? It's right there. I mean, RIGHT there. I don't have a bracelet for my Omega, so it's hard to compare a rubber strap to a bracelet, but the Monta bracelet is amazing. Better than any Seiko bracelet I've ever tried and better than the bracelet on my Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. But the watch is very well finished. The indices on my Noble are every bit as good as the applied indices on the Aqua Terra. But the Aqua Terra's movement beats the Noble, hands down, which is probably why the watch is 3x the price. My Aqua Terra is crazy accurate and the jump hour feature is fantastic. But if I was on a budget and I could only get one GADA watch, I would pick the Noble and have zero regrets, whatsoever. And I'm saying this as someone who wears their Aqua Terra more than any other watch in their collection. But the Noble is 90% the watch for 33% the price.

commented on Brand you'd never buy? ·

Probably Spaghetti Scametti. Not a fan of their Italian design ethos.

commented on office watches ·

I rotate three. An Omega Aqua Terra for when I wear blue. A Monta Noble for when I wear pink/red and an Oris Big Crown Pointer Date for when I wear tan or black.

commented on GoingTopShelf's WRUW ·

Actually, I have a NWA coming later this week. My first one in 16 months!

commented on If I Had The Dough.... ·

In my opinion, this is the perfect mix of Rolex. Dressy like a DateJust, but sporty like a Sub or a GMT Master. Also one of the coolest and most unique Rolex's. However, my only issue is the size. At 42mm diameter, 51mm lug to lug and 14mm thick, this is not a small watch and I don't know if I could pull it off on my 7" wrist.

commented on How do you transport your watches? ·

I only ever travel with two. The watch on my wrist (usually my Aqua Terra as I can wear it anywhere) and a beater in my backpack, usually a G-Shock or a Seiko 5.

commented on GoingTopShelf's WRUW ·

Thank you, but the credit goes to Oris. They bundled it in with this watch.

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