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Little French wonder

Had bought the LE white dial Glacier version which sold in an eyeblink. Wasn鈥檛 convinced by the IRL looks. Booked an appointment at the Paris Baltic s...

Meeting Semper & Adhuc Founder and CEO in Paris on November 16th

Existing or wannabe Semper and Adhuc watches owners interested in meeting Colin for drinks and nerdy watch talk ? location not defined yet, will depen...

Any fellow neovintage YEMA lover around ?

Out of a whim, I bought this 1990's YEMA SUPERMAN Worldtime on eBay for a very affordable price. The watch was working, but in a poor condition after...

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commented on Who is your favorite watch related you tuber?

This watch that watch

commented on Women don't like Pink

Just out of curiosity, has the same study been made in other markets than the USA ?

commented on Imagine you're given the choice to get any watch in the world (no matter the cost), but you have to wear it for the rest of your life. Which one would you pick? Drop your answers in the comments!

A Sinn 856 UTC.

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster

#whitedialcrew says SpeedMaster.

commented on Rolex Explorer vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Cleary, the Oyster Perpetual, which is the epitome of classic Rolex.

I have owned the Explorer 39 mm and that watch is neither here nor there. A tad too sporty to be a dresswatch, but way too shiny, prone to scratches and a real smudge magnet in day to day life to be enjoyed as a tool watch.

Not mentioning all the tiresome "Explorer" hype.

If you want Rolex 1016 vibes in a modern package, by a Sinn 556 A

commented on Which Watch? Pick your Favorite.鉁

Why would one want the TGV logo on one's watch dial leaves me perplexed...

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch"

Sinn 556 A without hesitation

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A truly 7924 inspired Black Bay project

Has anyone ever seen a modded Black Bay 58 featuring a Mercedes hour hand in lieu of the snowflake one ? That would be awesome. Maybe Tudor could rele...

Are aftermarket straps needed afterall ?

Like most of us who've been in the hobby for a few years, I have a drawer full of Natos, leather, sailcloth and rubber straps, 18 to 22 mm, most of which have not been worn more than a few times I hav...
63 votes

Do you have a "favorite kid" watch ?

Tucked in a corner of your sock drawer, do you have that special watch you must force yourself NOT to pick, just to leave the others a chance in the rotation ? For me that is the CITIZEN Chronomaster...
66 votes

Semper & Adhuc Instantan茅e

I am not a dress watch guy I am not particularly fond of two handers I value being able to read the time at a glance Yet, I have fallen in love with t...

Semper & Adhuc

If you fancy a timepiece from an independant company, but cannot afford Fran莽ois-Paul Journe, have a look at : https://semperadhuc.fr/en/home/


Just discovered the brand reading a Fratello article (https://www.fratellowatches.com/titoni-airmaster-glacier-turquoise-review/?unapproved=866041&amp...