Newest addition!

So glad to finally be able to share my BB58. Most expensive purchase to date after looking at it for over a year. Called the local dealers one day when I decided I was ready (already on the 'waitlist' at some). After getting told they'd be months or years off in the queue I went online and found a seller for this 2021 model at a fair price (almost exactly RRP).

Haven't left the house without it since! Keeps incredible time so far, fits perfectly and has the subtle but quality look to it I relish most in a watch.

To anyone looking out for it an unsure about it - I recommend it.

For those more curious about the faux ribbets on the bracelet: in theory bothered me (like fake exhausts on a Mercedes), but in reality I like the extra texture look they give to it, and don't notice it at all on the wrist. Certainly takes nothing off my review.

Congratulations!! Glad you鈥檙e enjoying and wearing your watch!! 馃嵒

Lovely! Enjoy!聽

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the watch in the best of health for you and your loved ones!

Great choise! Enjoy!

Congratulations! I wear my constantly too!

Got mine about 2 months ago. It just incredible. Gratz on the purchase! (:

Great watch! Congrats!

Enjoy! I've been eyeing this for awhile as well. Now I'm even more tempted聽

Awesome watch! Can鈥檛 wait to see it on WRUW (daily wrist shot).聽

Congrats on the pick up! a great choice

Welcome to the club!

Yeah Dominic, Welcome on the BB58 clan! Congrats 馃挭

Congrats, it鈥檚 a great piece.

Awesome! Congratulations! Enjoy the watch in good health. I think we have quite a few bros having BB58. Welcome to the club. 馃嵒

Congratulations, enjoy it.

These really are great looking. Congratulations on the purchase.