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6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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London Xmas Meetup II

Here is the replacement London Xmas Meetup location for all those interested in attending. Its a about 5mins walk from South Quay DLR station or 10mins walk from Canary Wharf station. It’s a rooftop b...
Dec 8
England, GB
Fri, December 8 · 5:00 PM GMT

WatchPro Salon 2023

Had great fun yesterday at WatchPro Salon in London. Another opportunity to meet up with some old/new friends, see some watches at a posh venue (the L...

Up Close With the Tissot PRX 35mm

The next watch in the ‘Up Close…’ series is the popular Tissot PRX, in it’s 35mm PVD gold guise. It’s a lovely colour tone and the waffle dial does ad...

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Chunghauphoto commented on London Xmas Meetup II ·

I’m off tomorrow but working Friday day. I can give Baltic a call and see if they can arrange a Sat morning visit?

I’ll see what they can accommodate and post on here. If anyone else is interested let me know….

Chunghauphoto commented on Chunghauphoto's WRUW ·

I happen to think the quartz version is slightly ‘cleaner’ looking (although I’d personally remove the seconds hand). All the ‘gold’ versions can be (ahem!) toned down by adding a rubber/leather strap too.

Thank You for your kind compliment and apologies for messing with your list 😉

Chunghauphoto commented on London Xmas Meetup II ·

No problem. Thanks for the heads up - appreciated.

Hope to to see you at the next one

Chunghauphoto commented on London Xmas Meetup II ·

No problem. Wish you safe travels and a great time in Germany. Merry Xmas and see you at the next one !

Chunghauphoto commented on Chunghauphoto's WRUW ·

Its from a little shop called 40 Colori. Run by a husband and wife. They source from a select band of artisans in Italy.

The tie is from their knitted range. Knot is a four in hand due to the length and material (I’m usually a full Windsor guy)

Chunghauphoto commented on Why do I torture myself? ·

Why are you a ‘time waster’?

Even though you didn’t buy one (and you probably weren’t the only person that day, not to), you just endorsed their product (for free) to possibly, hundreds of people.

That’s a fair trade.

Chunghauphoto commented on Photos from 12/2 Ventura Meetup ·

Wow! Thanks for sharing! Looks awesome!

What a stlish crew!

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Magnetized Powermatic 80

Got this back after three weeks away at Tissot. Was advised by the service centre that the watch had become magnetized. Despite the fact that this ver...

British Watch Makers’ Day Meetup

A meetup at the British Watchmakers’ Day. Info here . Alliance members go free - ticket pricing for non-Alliance members TBA at present. It’ll be a great celebration of the current crop of UK watch br...
Mar 9
England, GB
Sat, March 9 · 10:00 AM WET

Up Close With the Maen Brooklyn 36

In honour of the recent Stockholm Meetup organised by @YourIntruder and @Matt84 , here’s some photos of my Brooklyn 36 Triple Calendar watch by Swedis...

Shhhh! A secret….

If you’re in London, you may know that you can find vintage watches on Bond Street, the Royal Arcade and the Burlington Arcade but just across the str...

Just a little something to break the monotony of all that hardcore collab-talk that’s gotten to be a little bit out of control

Summertime day off so I popped into the Oris boutique for a look around. Saw this: the Atelier S. it was one of their new releases that I hadn’t seen...