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Chunghauphoto ·

A New Wait Begins…

(Pic from WatchesbySJX) Anyone else jump on the pre-order for the new Furlan Marri 2116A Sector dial? Haven’t been given an exact date yet but having...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Moonswatch Buying Experience

Apologies for the length of this post but I wanted to share my experience. I was in London today for my photography marathon. I was early so I popped...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Baltic MR-01 Update

Got this email today. Looks like shipping will start in around a month’s time if you were part of the January pre-orders… Not long now…
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Chunghauphoto commented on Death of the MoonSwatch... ·

No , true - maybe not every or any brand but there was certainly an option for some. I find it very interesting that they would go down that particular route. We can inly wait a couple of years and lokk back with hi dsight and see if it truly made a difference or not - bit early to tell at the moment

Chunghauphoto commented on Death of the MoonSwatch... ·

I agree. Sell them all online or don’t sell anything online. Be consistent if you ‘want people to have one’

Chunghauphoto commented on Death of the MoonSwatch... ·

I’ll go along with that (more akin to limited sneaker culture). Whether that‘s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ doesn’t really matter to me. I’m intereted in seeing the results though. Any watch brand could have done it, but none of them did. I think Swatch have very little to do with traditiinal watches anyway

Chunghauphoto commented on Groomsman on duty ·

Congrats to your buddy and his wife. Well done to you for your duties!

Chinese weddings…. Tea pouring and FOOD! Oh, the food! Have I mentioned the food? If anyone has never been, find yourself a Chinese friend who’s engaged and get yourself invited (that’s my PSA for the day…).

I don’t really believe in marriage…but if we were to be invited to one or if Miss Chunghauphoto says ‘marry me or I’m leaving’ or if someone said ‘if you get married, then all the world’s problems will disappear’…then I’d probably wear my Longines Heritage Conquest (I wore it to my brother’s wedding - which had great food btw). Probably on a black strap but it’d depend on the outfit, of course

Chunghauphoto commented on Death of the MoonSwatch... ·

Thanks - just my point of view (I have zero idea if I’m correct or not!). 
When you say ‘overpriced’: do we actually know how much it costs to produce one and what the margin is compared to a ‘regular’ Swatch quartz chronograph? I’m guessing it’s reasonably similar but they’re asking people to pay for a name and design - for some it’s worth it and for others it isn’t. No different to any other watch, really. Buy it if you want it, can get it and afford it and move on, if it doesn’t appeal to you. No need to get angry or mad about any watch/brand, on that basis.

I have no issue with their marketing ’spiel’ like Bioceramic = plastic, for example. As long as you do your research and consider your purchase then all good. 
What I do take issue with, is lying and treating potential customers properly. They said it would be on sale online. Now it’s not. How can a person be expected to travel x number of miles for the ‘Moonswatch experience‘ and when they turn up, to be told there’s none available today. Take the pirate flag down, Mr Hayek and do what’s right. You’re not being disruptive to the watch industry, you’re being disingenuous - because if someone treated his loved ones like the way he treats this particular section of the community, he definitely would not like it. All this is coming from a person who was fortunate enough to pick up a Moonswatch…

Chunghauphoto commented on Motorcyling with mechanical watches ·

I’ve worn a watch on an electric scooter. The roads here are awful too. Nothing bad has happened…yet!

Excellent photo btw!

Chunghauphoto commented on Death of the MoonSwatch... ·

Has anyone considered the possibility that the Moonswatch is not aimed at the watch community? It maybe true of Swatches in general.  It’s always been the gateway brand, has it not? 

However, they do say: you should be able to get your hands on one. I fail to see how that is possible witbout significantly opening more stores and selling it in those stores. 
In a prelude article, Fratello state they have seen thousands of Moonswatches produced per day. Production is not a problem, as stated by many. They can meet demand. Make your own conclusions to why they won’t. Mr Hayek states in the article, the reason he wants to keep the Moonswatch ‘offline’ is because he wants people to visit stores and engage in experiences again - if that’s his goal, maybe he should make the entire Swatch catalogue ‘in-store’ only?! 

The only advice I can offer to anyone who wants one is to just be patient and exercise restraint, unfortunately. 
As for ‘failed launch’ or ‘failed product’ or ‘dwindling hype’; well yes, hype will die down eventually (true of anything). No watch has hadas many non-watch people want one in recent memory - feel free to jog my memory. Not only do non-watch people want one (there’s still queues, every single morning), but non-Moonswatch people still love discussing it too (for good or bad reasons). ’Hyped’? definitely. ’Fail’? Definitely not.  Those resellers/flippers aren’t queuing up every morning if they can’t sell them for a profit

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Chunghauphoto ·


You may or may not have heard of Matt Granger (he’s a photographer who has a Youtube channel). He’s also into watches. His weekly competition this wee...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Longines Spirit 37mm Review

Introduction: It’s been a few weeks since I’ve was fortunate enough to pick this up. It’s been worn non-stop - except for golfing (spoiler: it’s usele...
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Chunghauphoto ·

A Collected Man

For the past year or so I’ve been absolutely enamoured with the articles on this site. The writing is top notch and articles are frequent too. Sure th...

Understanding Andy Warhol as a Collector
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Chunghauphoto ·


A little break from the norm - jeans and jumper for today’s wrist shot… On wrist today: Longines Spirit
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Chunghauphoto ·


This started off as a photography idea. The shot was all set up nicely, composition, tripod at the right angle, window light. Very happy with the shot...
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Chunghauphoto ·


Quick shot before popping off to a street party…! On wrist today: Longines Spirit
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Chunghauphoto ·

One More Day

Just one more day at work then its a double Bank Holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubliee here in the UK. Here’s a shot to ease us into the long weeke...
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