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It's time: finally a new strap on my heritage watch.

This was my grandfather's and father's watch with the old broken strap. I found a nice ostrich leather one with the same yellow gold colour as the cas...

Just browsing… the local AD here. I like the old Aqua Terra, but the new 38 mm. is so much better for my wrist. Not interested in the model with the seconds sub...

A surprise encounter…

Living on an island in the Atlantic means that there are always lots of people visiting for a period of time. Sometimes just for the holiday week, som...

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commented on All brushed watches ·

Absolutely stunning watch, love the silver one!

commented on SquidCrunchGame winners! ·

Brilliant this! Who am i suppose to be? I got lost in the MCU/DCU world a long time ago!

commented on SquidCrunchGame winners! ·

Thank you for organizing! It was a hoot!

commented on Game over?! ·
commented on The Founder of Rolex ·

Why this post though...? 🧐

commented on The Most Iconic Watch? ·

Totally agree! All of these models are iconic for a small group. The Casio F91W is part of the collection of the design department of MoMa and many other museums. For me it's the Cartier Crash, but I'm aware that it's only iconic for a very select group of nerds and fashionistas.

commented on Game over?! ·

1. A photo of laying down exhausted from the games.


2 . A photo of you looking up in terror when you see it’s max


3. Print a photo of me waving you over on the wall or on your computer and take a photo of your hand reaching out for mine.


4. A photo of you filling a “bag of money”.


5. A photo of you running away with the bag of money behind another person


6 a photo of you getting on to a boat.


7. A photo of you with the sunset in the background


8. A photo of you giving the bag of money to a family member


9. A photo of you holding this badge in your hand.


10. A photo of your best celebration pose of completing the games.


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Death and watches... Happy holidays!

This is the watch of my late husband. As a timepiece, it’s nothing special, just an old middle of the road electronic Seiko. Not a limited edition or...

My small Credor collection

After posting several Credor watches I promised a post with more context and introduction to this brand over a year ago. I know, sorry... Outside of J...

Any ideas?

So I saw the new documentary from Wim Wenders yesterday, 'Anselm', about Anselm Kiefer. He wore this chronograph in the movie and was curious if anyon...

Shameless self promotion post! (But Fratello is already following me and TGV from The Urban Gentry liked my first post, so you really need to check this one…)

So I have been thinking about this ‘project’ (by lack of another word) for a long time and finally started. It’s a crossover between the classic wrist...

Impressions of the RedBar meetup in Amsterdam last night

The evening was sponsored by Chronoswiss, who showed some crazy pieces, made with great materials and innovations. Members also brought some really ni...