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And another Credor...

And here is the Credor that had to go to the watchmaker to get the band cut to size to my tiny wrist. No turning back now! I just love these designs....
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It's Credor time!

This is the last of my small Credor collection. I will make a big Credor post soon!
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First real watch meet!

Meet Jos茅! Don't worry; he has a head. He is very shy and doesn't want his face published. We had a two hour talk about our watches and both brought a...
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rowiphi commented on Couple of new acquisitions today!馃槂

That ProPilot is awesome! What a dial! 馃槏

rowiphi commented on One Hot Watch!

I really get into Oris lately. Although it's a lot of money, especially with the 400 caliber movement, the designs, charity and the fact that they're independent really speaks to me.

I'm not so fond of this material, but the dial and movement is great! And the story behind it is just .

rowiphi commented on Oris Cal. 400 Questions

Mine was also off in the beginning, but a few full winds solved that problem. Try it!

rowiphi commented on Oris 2023 Novelties - Preview

No idea, very interesting dial colour though!

rowiphi commented on Help! Stop Me from Buying this Watch!



Well, thank you for ruining a perfect good watch for me!


rowiphi commented on Furlan Marri Mechanical Permanent Collection

I am in the doghouse ATM... Have to pay a big tax bill first! But in the future; yes!

rowiphi commented on You stalk people's wrists all the time

I always check first if it ticks or swoops. When ticking I loose interest rather quickly (yes, I am that shallow), but when it swoops my eyeballs are doing some darn good gymnastics!

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Trigger warning: OCD rant...

Let me first start by showing you some pictures (sources from Fratello ) with an opinion attached: NO: YES: A keen eye immediately sees what I'm getti...
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Review of one of my favourite watches by my favourite YouTuber!

Evan just posted a review of one of my favourite watches. Check it out!
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Omega becoming Rolex?

Now this may be a totally fluke incident today with a pretentious sales person in one of the shops here, but boy; was I pissed off... The model depict...
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Why are most Casio G-Shock so b*tt ugly?!

As promised, a little rant here about a watch that I own. Because of that I am entitled to rant about it, although I immediately lose my argument here...
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Review: Oris ProPilot X 400 caliber wit the salmon (pink!) dial.

Let me start but talking about the pink elephant in the room and pose the question many people have asked about this watch; is it even a pilot watch?...

Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 / 01 400 7778 7158-07 7 20 01TLC (seriously?!)

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Help! Are there Bergeon pusher tips of 0,6 mm!?

So I just broke a 0,8 mm pusher tips on a particular stubborn Credor bracelet and it seems I need a smaller pusher tip for that. A search for it on th...
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Fears Archival 1930

Soooo... The watch bug has not entirely infected my husband, but he did mentioned a few times how he liked square, smaller watches. And so I decided t...
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