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One week on the wrist -- Pelagos 39 review

To be honest, I never expected getting this watch. For one, I have pre-ordered a dive watch (more on that later!), so I didn't necessarily plan to buy...

Tudor Pelagos 39

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Yet another green dial Oris Aquis LE

This time 43.5mm with a Calibre 400 and celebrating Koh Libong and the dugongs living there (honestly I have never heard of dugongs before). That gree...
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Vintage-style divers -- which one should I go for?

I have always wanted to get myself a dive watch, and personally I am fond of the looks of vintage-style divers. Originally I was choosing between the Oris Divers 65 (Glow) and the ever-popular SPB143...
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GreenNeptune commented on Scratching the Explorer itch! ·

Wow! Indeed the biggest complaint I have with the Ranger is the excessive fauxtina. This SM completely solves the problem!

GreenNeptune commented on I Did The Unthinkable 😂🤞 ·

In all fairness, it looks decent as a watch, so DW is moving in the right direction I suppose? 🤔

GreenNeptune commented on When you get a massive scratch on your watch, what do you do? ·

Your video is timely as I just had a deep scratch on the steel bezel of my new Serica 5303… I am still trying to get used to it

GreenNeptune commented on I call thee…The Sun!! ·

Congrats!!! Very sharp looking watch. I must say their logo didn’t really do it for me, so I’m glad that the logo on this one is much more muted

GreenNeptune commented on Seiko fan boys! Question for you, will the bezel insert from a Marinemaster fit the bezel of the Seiko LX SNR043? ·

Absolutely clueless about your question, but your watch is amazing!!!

GreenNeptune commented on [Steinhart Ocean One 39] Keep it or sell it? ·

I guess if you start to feel the watch is not for you, probably you should just sell it and get one that you truly enjoy. But in any case it’s your call to make

GreenNeptune commented on Introducing myself! ·

Welcome! Love the Bigeye, seriously tempted!!

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New Oris Aquis

Can I just say the new Oris Aquis New York Harbor Limited Edition looks sooooo gorgeous in the press photos? It even has a mother of pearl dial to mat...
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Solar Bluetooth Casioak

Hi WatchCrunch, this is my first ever post! Just want to share with all of you my new solar bluetooth Casioak (GA-B2100). I have had an eye on this wa...
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