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6.60” / 16.76 cm Wrist
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Chopard has had some showstoppers

However they haven’t seem to have actually “stopped the show” That first watch might be the most interesting with its single hand on the black dial al...

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Goodbye Yacht-Master II who's crying? You? nah. You're not crying. I think this is the only one that hit the chopping block eh?

This new TAG Heuer Glass Box is a looker!

I've been loving all of the new Tag glass box models and this one has amazing 60's vibes. It'll probably get lost in all the Tudor Rolex chat today bu...

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commented on A watch to celebrate an achievement ·

Congrats on the anniversary of such a great occasion and bravo for continuing your career in music 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

And yes I read till the end. Beautiful watch !

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster ·

I’ll take the Zenith. And I’m hoping to get one

commented on 1970's Fashion. ·

Studio 54 was the coolest thing ever . Glad I was barely old enough to go 🪩

commented on From Collecting to Refining: My First Seiko Alpinist SPB197J1 ·

You made it look perfect!

commented on Are people getting this ·

I think they look pretty cool

commented on From Collecting to Refining: My First Seiko Alpinist SPB197J1 ·

That looks stunning. I thought that one had a cyclops. So the JDM is a bit different? Also the beads of rice 💯

commented on 1970's Fashion. ·

The music was awesome! #DonnaSummer

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But IF I had money...

This would be the Rolex for me... I love a degradé dial and I love gold ...pink gold in particular. This has to be one of their most elegant watches I...

My biggest Tudor disappointment

As a 925 Black Bay 58 owner I’ve been hoping they’d give us a silver bracelet option one day. Now 3 years after that watch came out with this ridiculo...

I luckily never wanted a Pepsi, but I love this one

I'm a monochrome watch lover. this new GMT is right up my alley. So glad they didn't change the size. I'm loving the grey and black with the green acc...

New Black Bay

I think this might be one of their best looking watches ever. but then I do like a "boring watch" what say you Crunchers? what Tudor caught your eye I...

The NOMOS Tangente 38 Datum

The NOMOS Tangente 38 Datum – 175 Years of Glashütte Watchmaking Limited Edition Collection 31 different colors of Tangentes https://shop.hodinkee.com...