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An Unintentional Micro Tournament Rematch When I Got Home

I realize I have mentioned it several times, but at last month's Windup in NYC, I attended with every intention of coming home with a Fears Watch, but...
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Double Incoming - M.A.D. Red 1 and Seiko Alpinist SPB355J1

This past March I was very fortunate to be one of the lucky few to win the lottery for the opportunity to buy the M.A.D. Red 1. I will likely never ow...
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What did I do!? And other thoughts from Day One of Wind-up.

Windup fair day one is in the books. Couple hours in the car and about an hour in the train and what an event. To start; the event was exceptionally w...
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AllTheWatches commented on Benefits of buying at a storefront/AD versus an app ·

I am loyal to my AD for certain brands; IE does buying from the AD help you with allocation pieces? If not, I am loyal to my savings, IE I buy the best deal for very specific watches. 

AllTheWatches commented on I need your opinion! ·

I’d say trade it in. You’ll take a hit, but it does help with the AD.  

If you can, get it on the bracelet.

AllTheWatches commented on Should I intentionally magnetize my watch ·

I would not recommend it.  Given the parachrom hairspring and other metallurgy properties, Rolex watches from that era up are fairly resistant to magnetic fields. Doing so would require a significant magnet which will likely do more harm than good.

Hate to say it, sounds like it is due for a service. You may be able to get a local maker to regulate it.

AllTheWatches commented on Watchbox question ·

Unless it is a 36” Sony Trinitron (IE giant tube tv) you are fine.

AllTheWatches commented on Recomendations for a 40mm or less diver at around $500 ·

Perhaps the Baltic Aquascape series?


 Or the Vaer D5 Meridian (currently 20% off on their site)

AllTheWatches commented on Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pan Am available now from Grimoldi in Italy! ·

Will wait for the much more talented @celinesimon to help with that!  It is a very cool looking watch. 

AllTheWatches commented on Montblanc watches… what do you think? ·

I am a fan of their Heritage lineup. They are making some nice pieces. 

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What do you wear to a watch fair/meetup.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, likely heading to Windup and the meet-up Friday. The big question, what do you wear? My initial logic: Leave Rolex,...
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Who among us will go after the new Noble?

Admittedly, bubble gum pink is not a color I seek out, but having played with the bubble gum OP I have to say I was impressed how it looks in person....
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Pepsi Challenge / eBay Bargain of the Year

This is a cautionary tale about the risks of having eBay alerts. I have been a big fan of Monta and specifically the Skyquest for some time. I never g...
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Breaking Some Rules - First Custom Seiko Build

Hopefully, this is something you have not seen before. This fall, I said I would not buy a watch until I purchased a celebratory TT piece. I also have...
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Anyone Considering Switching To The Ultra for Fitness?

Wait? What is this foolishness you speak of? Don't you own a bunch of watches? These are disposable and have no soul. Yeah, yeah yeah. Do not want to...
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Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean SBDC167 Has Landed

First, props to Sakura watches for getting a watch from Japan faster to me than many places in the US. The SBDC167 finally arrived and for the money,...
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We’ve all been here right?

Me: I’m done buying $1k watches. Also me: Oooh, Sakura finally has the SBDC167 back in stock. Buy it now. The lies we tell ourselves.
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