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Going Upmarket - A Second Comparison You Did Not Know You Want

In a previous post , I discussed the value of a smaller brand vs. a conglomerate brand, with the smaller brand arguably offering a more refined watch...

The Comparison You Didn't Know You Want: Longines Spirit Zulu Time vs. Monta Skyquest

Warning: Long Form Review and Comparison. I took a few photos, but there are countless online of each of these so I limited it to a few of mine plus p...

Reminder: You Are Not Your Watch..And Vice Versa.

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commented on 3861 Hesalite with a sapphire caseback and lumed ceramic bezel ·

Probably over a million of these in existence at this point with countless iterations, so there is something for everyone.

commented on What’s your favorite SEIKO movement and why? ·

Hi-Beat 9S86

commented on Trying to figure out who am I as a collector.. ·

Buy what you like, not what you’re supposed to like. Your tastes will change. That isn’t a lack of direction, it’s a sense of discovery.

commented on The Morgan Stanley Report: An Equity Analyst's Take ·

Absolutely excellent point in comparison.

commented on The Morgan Stanley Report: An Equity Analyst's Take ·

Absolutely the former. I do not think it bodes well from a financial perspective. Tag under him had some gorgeous watches. They also had some disasters. I can chalk that up to being 26 and thinking the market wanted a Tag smart watch because “his gen loves smart watches”…and Mario.

You are right though, with the family members taking key leadership at LVMH the money will be there. They have some cash cows that can truly help other parts of the org.

Separate of all of that, will be curious to see how many brands are sold off, bought, etc. You hit on the big one, Breitling. But does Swatch Group need Certina, Hamilton, Mido, and Rado? So much overlap, and on the grand scale, so little interest in three of the four.

commented on Sleeper Watch ·
commented on New RGM PS-801-EE an American Grail ·

Absolutely stunning Kevin. Congratulations.

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