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What am i Missing - why isn't this being discussed.

There has been tons of discussion over the last few years related to the supply/demand situation with Rolex. Several people have suggested that Rolex...
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Zelos Spearfish Burnt Orange

The latest watch in my collection is this beautiful Zelos Spearfish with the burnt orange dial. I know that this is likely a love it or hate it watch,...
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IWC EasX-Change Straps

My most recent purchase was an IWC Pilots Watch Chronograph 41 on a bracelet. As much as I like the bracelet, I'd like to add a leather strap using th...
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tempus commented on HELLO😊 ·

Welcome to WC.

tempus commented on What’s your best wall clock? ·

I don't have any wall clocks, but I do have a couple of desk clocks that I think are kinda interesting.

Modern Retro Clock from Royal Enamel on Etsy

It's available in several colors, and also available as a wall clock. In addition to this style, the seller has several other retro designs.


And then this Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock. Unfortunately this one "works" but is off my hours per day, and needs repair.

tempus commented on Should I intentionally magnetize my watch ·

You think it be a good idea to intentionally magnetize it so it runs faster? 

That's kinda like turning the radio up to fix the nagging squeal coming from the brakes.

tempus commented on Intro and Latest Addition ·

Thank you. Unfortunately I'm on Android, so I guess I'm out of luck for that one.

tempus commented on Intro and Latest Addition ·

Welcome to WC. What app is that that you're using for tracking your watches?

tempus commented on Hi y'all ·

Welcome to WC

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New IWC Pilots Watch Chronograph 41

Chronographs are my favorite complication, and I've always loved the look of the IWC Pilots Chronographs. I stumbled across a deal on their latest mod...
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Great pre-owned bargain - Geckota G-01

I love fume dials, and the dial on this Geckota G-01 is no exception. It's extremely difficult to capture this dial in photos, as the color changes so...
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Cartier without cabochon

I'm hoping that someone familiar with Cartier may be able to shed some light for me. I recently purchased a pre-owned Cartier Pasha 2324 from a truste...
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MoonSwatch thoughts, and seeking strap advice

I've had mixed feelings about the MoonSwatch ever since it was announced, but wanted the opportunity to be able to handle one in person so that I coul...
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Do todays “in demand” micro brand offerings have staying power?

There seem to be several micro brands that have been able to garner enough hype to put their offerings in the collector spotlight. I'm thinking of wat...
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What's your take on Titanium watches?

I've been collecting watches for almost 4 years, and until recently I had never handled a titanium watch. Even though I have other items made out of t...
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Why the need to wear watches in your collection ?

I've noticed several threads on Watch Crunch where people discuss the ideal collection size, and almost without fail there seem to be several comments...
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