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tempus ·

Why the need to wear watches in your collection ?

I've noticed several threads on Watch Crunch where people discuss the ideal collection size, and almost without fail there seem to be several comments...
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Advice for rubber straps for Rolex Sub and/or GMT Master 2

I currently own a ceramic no date Submariner (114060) as well as a ceramic GMT Master 2 (116710LN), and am looking into options for rubber straps for...
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tempus ·

Cuervo y Sobrinos- Prominente Clasico

After seeing a post from @Pavlov with his gorgeous vintage Cuervo y Sobrinos chronograph, I decided to try to find out more about this brand. There do...
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tempus commented on Biggest watch in my collection. What’s yours? ·

46mm Hamilton Khaki Pilot

tempus commented on What is the oldest watch in your collection? ·

My oldest is also a pocket watch, a model 1883 from Waltham which the S/N dates to 1899.


My oldest wrist watch would probably be my Benrus Wristalarm, which would date back to the 1950s or 1960s.

tempus commented on What’s your take on engraving your watch? 🖋 ·

I kinda like the idea of what Norqain has done with their "Norqain plate". It's a "plate" which is attached via screws on the left hand side of the case that allows for custom engraving to personalize a watch. By default, the watch comes with a plate that is engraved with the brand name. Since the plate is screwed into the watch, it could be easily replaced with a different plate in the future. This allows for some minor personalization which doesn't necessarily impact the resale value of the watch.

I know that lots of people seem to think of this as gimicky, and feel that it ruins the look of the watch. I think that it serves to offer some visual interest to an otherwise slab sided case, and helps counter balance the crown on the right hand side.

tempus commented on Whats on your other wrist? ·

The only jewelry I regularly wear is my watch and my wedding ring.  

tempus commented on What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company? ·

I feel so stupid. I just realized that both the RM and Blancpain deployants are designed to have the excess strap on the outside, so they obviously need straps with keepers, and therefore can't be used with the loop-less straps. The Omega deployant is the only one that tucks the excess strap underneath to hide it, and therefore the only one suitable for the loop-less straps. 

tempus commented on What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company? ·

I really like the look of the newer loop-less version, as it looks so much cleaner without the keepers. I had previously been using a genuine Omega deployant with an aftermarket strap with keepers, and I always felt that the keepers detracted from the overall look.

I agree that the RM style deployant looks like it might be better than the Omega style deployant that came with mine, but I find the Omega style is just fine. Their web site is a bit confusing, since the page for the loop-less strap includes the verbiage "Can be paired with our Omega Style Deployant Clasp", and it only offers a drop down option for selecting an Omega style deployant. They do show all the various styles of deployant buckles available under their "Accessories" page, so perhaps the RM and Blanpain deployants are only suitable for the straps that already come with buckles? In the Peter Kosta video, the straps shown have the keeper loops.

tempus commented on What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company? ·

You're very welcome. And you're definitely not the only one who gets excited about accessories 😀.  When I got this Artem, I couldn't wait to swap straps on my Speedmaster Broad Arrow, and since doing so, it feels like I have a new watch in my collection.

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tempus ·

Is WatchCrunch really slow today?

Is it just my connection, or does WatchCrunch seem really slow today? I'm not having issues with any other sites, but when accessing WatchCrunch, it f...
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tempus ·

"Chameleon" dials

I'm a huge fan of dials that seem to change appearance depending on the lighting conditions. One of the more unusual examples of this that I've seen i...
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tempus ·

Replacement straps for Cartier Santos De Cartier QuickSwitch

I just recently picked up a Santos De Cartier WSSA0037, and am loving it. I'm still trying to decide whether I prefer wearing it on the bracelet or on...
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tempus ·

Contemplating the Zelos Spearfish with Burnt Orange Dial

I've always been drawn to Zelos watches for their interesting dials. I had picked up a Horizons GMT2 in teal when they were launched in 2020 purely on...
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tempus ·

Just arrived today - Santos De Cartier WSSA0037

I've been wanting to add a Santos De Cartier to my collection for quite some time, and finally decided to make it happen. It arrived today, and I'm th...
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tempus ·

Discounts for Cartier (Santos De Cartier) ?

I'm really curious as to what sort of discount levels can be realistically obtained these days for Cartier watches, specifically the large Santos De C...
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tempus ·

What do these markings represent?

I was wondering if someone might be able to educate me on the meaning of the marking on the back of my Sinn 303 chronograph. The markings I'm concerne...
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