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Nivada F77

I had never heard of the Nivada F77 until I had seen some posts about it here on WC. After seeing those posts and checking out the Nivada web site, I...

Tissot PRX

A local AD hosted the quarterly meeting of our local watch enthusiasts group today, and very graciously offered a prize draw for a watch. I had the lu...

Meteorite Dials

I recently read an article that @celinesimon had published on the Everest Bands web site and had shared here on WatchCrunch, related to unusual dials....

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commented on Waist of time..
commented on Do you have a favorite case shape?

My favorite case shape is round, but some of my favorite watches have more unusual shapes (eg Cartier Santos, JLC Reverso, Rolex Cellini Prince, etc)

commented on Watch Storage

I used to recommend Wolf Windsor watch boxes, but after having discovered Rothwell, I now recommend them. Both offer reasonably nice boxes with plenty of room between watches to prevent watches from rubbing against each other, as well as a nice hinged glass display top. The quality of the Wolf boxes seems slightly higher that that of the Rothwell, but the watches sit much nicer in the Rothwell. Both can be picked up on Amazon, but the Rothwell is considerably less expensive. The Wolf boxes seem to be most common in 5 or 10 watch versions, while Rothwell tends to be 6/12 watch versions. Even for the same capacity they are slightly different dimensions, so if you plan to put the watch box in a safe, make sure you check the exterior dimensions to make sure the box will fit comfortably.

commented on If you had the opportunity, would you?

The exclusivity factor means nothing to me unless I love the watch on its own merits. In those cases, I see the exclusivity as a small bonus, but I'd never want a watch that is associated with an earned honor that I haven't earned myself.

I bought a 2255.80 SMP300 despite despising the Helium escape valve. It's a quirky part of the design, and although I still think I'd prefer for it to not be there, it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the watch. I prefer this particular vintage based on the more subtle wave pattern and thinner case profile than the modern variants. I also much prefer the sword hands over the skeleton hands , and this "electric blue" dial looks amazing as it plays with the light. It has the bonus of a discrete date, although I would have preferred to see it at the 6 o'clock position.

commented on My steelko

Never heard of that brand, but that particular watch looks very similar to my JLC mystery dial. Is there any tie-in to JLC?

commented on Hello - thanks for having me

Welcome Marc. Great to have such a well respected person involved in this incredible platform. Your "watch and learn" series were a huge part of my watch education, and I'd like to thank you for making them.

commented on An enthusiast like me not only loves watches on the wrist...

Love the Atmos. Which model is that?

I like table/desk/wall clocks as well. I've got a Cartier quartz desk clock, a Jefferson Mystery hours desk clock, and a cool retro looking quartz desk clock.


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