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Well..this just happened

Didn鈥檛 expect much. Liked the dial color. Got about 20 days of wear out of the watch.聽 Expectations were met. No regrets. 馃槀 Probably won鈥檛 buy a chea...

Best Bond Watch

Obv not all brands are in this poll.
84 votes

Rolex AD Experience

Hi all, another one of these posts huh? "Come on dude. We know u had a bad experience . Just get on with your life and get into other brands!" At leas...

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commented on Passion and your other half.

Couldn鈥檛 give a duck

commented on a post

Give me back the good old pulsar watch

commented on What do you really use your dive bezel for 馃ぃ

Every once in a while I like to turn it the 60 clicks and then leave it there for the next few months. Until I itch for that clicking sound again.

commented on Let's play鈥 YOU'RE THE BRAND AMBASSADOR!

Habring2 all the way. Gotta support the locals.

commented on Which brands are providing quick bracelet adjustment functionality (aka glidelock) these days?

Literally the only thing that annoys me about my BB58 is the non existent glidelock. Please Tudor. It鈥檚 no that hard. U already did it on other watches.

commented on Is the BB58 still considered good value?

I bought the BB58 in April of last year.聽
At that time the retail was 3550.聽

I like it a lot as I can dress it up and down. I do not Baby it and it has some scratches on the bracelet but that鈥檚 fine. Looks damn good on a brown leather strap aswell. Not to flashy but still very nice.聽

For me it was a def. pick up because it fits my style. I wear it a lot. Even after the honeymoon period ended because it just works with so many outfits.聽
I didnt worry with the price increase at the time (3400ish in 2021) when I first looked at it at my AD.聽
For me it鈥檚 worth the money. It runs perfect and it will outlast me for sure.聽
nothing bad to say from my perspective. of course everyone is different.聽
If you have the money go for it. Can always sell it if you don鈥檛 like it anymore. Obviously with a little loss. Demand is not that high anymore for these.聽

commented on Locking the collection / SOTC

Habring2 is just amazing.聽

dont see it often. But everytime it comes up I get a weird itch.聽

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