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Degaussing recommendations

I have sent a Longines for servicing a few months back and I’m pretty sure the problem I had was magnetization. I think I should get a degausser just...
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Bund strap recommendations

I think I want to get a bund strap for my collection. 20mm, open to colors, primarily for a Tudor Ranger, though I’ve certainly some other watches it’...
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NWA Tudor Ranger came in on the last day of the year!

I had to brave a few blocks walking in the rain here in SF to get to the AD but I consider it my own little expedition to get this guy on my wrist. I...
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Dingus commented on Finished with video reviews ·

I don't watch much of these YouTube channels at all but I don't see the harm in them so long as you remember it's just a commercial. I can't take any of them as objective, but then again, what can you take as objective product information these days?

Dingus commented on Share your opinion on german watch brands! ·

I have long been having a crush on a blue Junghan's miester with the small second's dial I just don't think I'd ever actually wear it out. They are beautiful with a great looking bubble crystal on them. Sinn look great too but I can't say I've ever seen one up close.

Dingus commented on Hand made strap... ·

Look at this one! What a great combination, you really are pretty good at this.

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Wow. They look perfect! Great work.

Dingus commented on Strap recommendations for Tudor Ranger ·

I have put my Ranger on so many different straps, and I've loved it on all of them, but after about a day I go back on the bracelet which I have basically accepted as integrated at this point. I got a Vario bund that looks quite nice. an MN style from CNS, and a grip of NATOs, a single pass leather, some canvas. I stopped trying. The Ranger stays on its bracelet for me. Additionally I asked my AD about getting the OEM NATO. He said it was $175, and I still consider it but I know it'll be right back on it's bracelet in a few minutes so I've resisted thus far.

And special love to the other weirdos on here with Rangers, @neomatik and @TimeCop it's a nearly perfect watch for me.

Dingus commented on My sort of secret love of Breitling ·

Personally Breitling has never been my cup but they are undeniably nice and well made with a real heritage and story in the brand. Great write up, I always love reading the stories about how we all got here. What drove us into these obsessions is often just as important as the obsession.

Dingus commented on some straps... ·

They look great! The dark brown with the white stitching would look great on me. I've considered getting into light leather work like this. What kind of machine do you use to sew it together?

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Question about Longines servicing

My Longines Conquest Classic is running at +100 seconds/day. It started acting this way just three or four days ago, right as I put myself on a waitli...
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Obsessive with accuracy.

I need my watch as close to perfectly in tuned with ‘atomic time’ as possible. Anything more than a five second deviation irks me. Particularly on a w...
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10:10:10 10/10/22 shot of most of the collection.

There are a few others but this Is the main box.
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I was looking for a very specific thing and I believe I found it. Have a couple questions though.

Around a week ago I posted about wanting recs for an explorer style watch. Several of you gave some great responses and I appreciate that. After cruis...
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Looking for recs on an 3 hander on a bracelet

I'd like a new watch and I have a few in mind but I thought I could ask you guys if you had any useful input here. I think I'd like a 38-40mm case, au...
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Excited for Lorier's new releases?

I am. I loved their Falcon series and Im stoked they are releasing it again with it's mineral crystal and explorer style. All the stuff they make is n...
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Cheapest NATO straps are pretty cool.

Thank you to @Aurelian for tipping me off a couple weeks ago to I ordered three straps, initially looking for bronze hardware t...
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