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There has been some outgoing and incoming watches in the past few months and I don’t know if I have ever done a full SOTC so I’ll give it a shot. Top...

Reading material

I was rather excited over the arrival of my Oris Divers 65 Heritage a week ago and I decided to order this book. I expected a glorified catalogue in a...

NWA used pickup Oris Divers 65

For the past hour I’ve been thoroughly enjoying ogling my new Oris. These have been favorites of mine for a bit now and I’ve stalked them in used sale...

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commented on Bund Time = Fun Time ·

I have the same strap in brown and I do like it I just never wear it… I really should more often. This looks great on your seiko too!

commented on Modern Vintage Divers...these aren't my scratches... ·

I recently bought a used watch I’ve been stalking for some time too, though perhaps not as enthusiasticly as you have been. I picked up an Oris Diver 65 heritage. It is in good shape but not without a few scratches, probably similar to your Seiko, and I just see it as part of the cost. I agree with you that this is about expectation management, and perhaps a bit of buyer’s remorse. I figure you’ll get over it soon enough and embrace the flaws. These are used tool watches. Honestly I sort of like that mine has had some time in the world and a few scratches.

commented on The Fanciest Domed Crystal! ·

I think this may be the domiest.

commented on Tissot Service: To Mail, or Not To Mail? ·

Bummer dude! I guess it’s a road trip.

commented on Tissot Service: To Mail, or Not To Mail? ·

Is there not a shop that sells Tissot as an AD? Like a Macy’s or Nordstrom or whatever retailer sells Tissot? They’d be able to help too I’d imagine.

commented on I hope I can finally make it this year 🙏 ·

It was earlier last year, and 22. Not by much but I think it was late April. Regardless I’ll be there.

commented on The horrors of magnetism 🧲⚡️… do you care? ·

Well me too, but something magnetized that damn Longines! Haha! You ever come out to San Francisco I’ll pay for you to play pinball friend.

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Vintage 80s Swatch collection.

My girlfriend had a whole army of these things. There’s a few not pictured here. We’ve brought them to our local Swatch shop and they can’t get them w...

I think I prefer the dial on the quartz PRX.

I bought this used on a bit of a whim for surviving a nasty December… I didn’t want to spend a lot as I knew I wouldn’t wear it much, so I figured a q...

PRX strap giveaway FREE STUFF

I recently ordered a PRX off eBay. 35mm with a quartz movement that just seemed like a good way to give myself a little lay on the back for surviving...

I’d love a bracelet for the SRPF37J1

This Seiko came on a mesh bracelet but I’m not too big a fan of it. I do love it on this strap from Welsbro, and some others look great too, but for t...

New Watch, or (second hand) retail therapy

December has been, and will be a real pain in my ass of a month it seems. It’s the busiest time of the year for my job, I’ve had some nagging health i...