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Fergal ·

Which to keep? Decision time!

Hi folks, I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying your favourite watches. I’d appreciate your discerning opinion on a decision I’m mulling over. A...
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leecarter ·

Getting My Money's Worth out of this Yellow Desk Mat

Tudor Black Bay 58
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MWC2020 ·


Very grateful to Subscriber Nick for sending this into me only a week after owning it!!! Amazing people out there in the watch community! WARNING! The...
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atxzizou ·

I think I'm covered , but the BB58 may possibly go. I welcome all opinions.

Achieved MY ideal Air, Land, Sea collection. Technically the Air also includes space, which I've seen the Aerospace Evo do with some astronauts. Aeros...
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leecarter ·

Sucker for a colourful background [Tudor Black Bay 58]

Probably should have set the hands to 10:10 😕
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Mr.Deluxe ·

Enjoying your watch

Do you guys ever feel like the price of your watch holds you back from enjoying it sometimes? So i recently went on a 2000 mile motorcycle road trip a...
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aaron18 ·

Who else loves Tudor?😍

My first Tudor watch! Looking to add more to the Tudor collection soon😁
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ForestCritter ·

Newest addition!

So glad to finally be able to share my BB58. Most expensive purchase to date after looking at it for over a year. Called the local dealers one day whe...
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eliamathias ·

Do you guys think Tudor will ever offer a „modern“ BB58?

I‘ve been thinking about this ever since I got my beloved BB58 blue… I would really love a black version without the gilt and red triangle. Just repla...
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collectbuyimpulse ·

Tudor weekend

My first post here. Routine weekend taking care of my kids. Family comes first before watches😅. ❤️👨🏽🧒🏽👶🏽
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