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ChadDipps ·

Learning to accept gifts like watches especially not our type.

Few months ago I put on a post " This has to stop" I was upset about my friend sending me a watch that I didn't like and he showed me his watch collec...
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ChadDipps ·

SOTC Pt.2 Variation.

Its been a few months since I last post my last post. This is my second part of the collection. I'm not a die hard for just one watch, I just like the...
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ChadDipps ·

SOTC Pt.1 Variation.

From left to right. Radio Shack 90s digital. Diesel no date analog. Casio G-Shock. Casio Royale. Timex Scout Expedition. Swatch Retro X.
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ChadDipps commented on Advice ·

Thats a toughie friend of a friend of a friend and what kind of a bling. All I can say there a watch out there for any good young lad in need thats for sure.

ChadDipps commented on TISSOT V8 SWISSMATIC ·

I almost did buy one last year but had to use the money for something else and fast forward until now I never gotten the chance to buy one yet.

ChadDipps commented on Watches and their emotional value ·

Since I started this hobby it kept me from other things that was not good for me in the long run. I got emotional attach to some of these time pieces if worst case scenario if I have to get out of dodge my Truck, guns  and watches go with me.

ChadDipps commented on The first four of my collection. Seiko ·

You have a real nice collection of Seiko there.

ChadDipps commented on Casio “Royale” AE1200WH! ·

Welcome to the club you made a wise choice!

ChadDipps commented on Study Time with Casio F105W ·

Nice watch but I don't miss them final exam days those for sure was some stressful moments for me.

ChadDipps commented on SOTC, collection complete! ·

Thats for sure is a respectful collection!

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ChadDipps ·

This has to stop!

I have a good friend that just gotten into watches not too long ago. He once gave good advice on purchasing good colognes. Which made a great improvem...
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ChadDipps ·

Vacation Watches

Going on vacation this week and looking forward to have a good time. I was thinking how many and what kind of watch or watches I should take. Especial...
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