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harrisc852 ·

GS Spring Drive

Can’t decide between the 3 Spring Drive beauties. Which one would you go for and why?
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harrisc852 ·

Petronas-inspired IWC Pilot Chrono

While drooling over 🤤 the IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph 41 Edition "Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1™ Team", took this photo of my IWC Pilot Chrono with Petro...
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harrisc852 ·

Stealthy look in Titanium DLC G-Square

This one easily goes under the radar. Have a great weekend guys!
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Recent Comments

harrisc852 commented on One might have to go. ·

If you need funding for that sub, then you may need to let the bb58 go. The bb58 probably won’t get much wrist time with the sub in your collection. Can keep the Seiko as a banger. 

Or keep both your divers and get something to totally different to spice things up a bit. Can’t go wrong with speedy, or you can get an explorer or gmt. 

harrisc852 commented on GS Spring Drive ·

Not bad at all!

harrisc852 commented on GS Spring Drive ·

Oh nice! How much is the bracelet? What does the clasp look like?

harrisc852 commented on GS Spring Drive ·

here’s what I currently have. I want to look for something that is different from what I already have. 

harrisc852 commented on GS Spring Drive ·

I agree and I am glad I let myself walk away after trying them on 

harrisc852 commented on GS Spring Drive ·

That’s one of the biggest reasons I prefer the grey dial

harrisc852 commented on GS Spring Drive ·

There is no perfect watch I guess. Out of the three, I like the dial in the middle one the most. It also has the best case shape with bezel-less design. But I don’t like the color of titanium and the power indicator. 

The white birch feels a lot more substantial because of its steel case. But the silver dial is too blingy. interesting, the dial of white birch spring drive is more muted compared to its hi-beat counterpart. 

the sky flake feels dressier than the other 2. But I hate how the power indicator has a darker blue background than than the rest of the dial. 

perhaps I should just wait? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

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harrisc852 ·

Full metal Casioak with BT + Solar

Oh man. Take my money. 💵💸 who wants one? https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/g-shock-gmb2100-full-metal-casioak-2022
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harrisc852 ·

2022 acquisitions

These are my 2022 additions to my collection: Tudor North Flag NOS IWC Tribute to 3705 in Ceratanium Omega Speedmaster 3861 Sapphire What have you add...
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harrisc852 ·

Hottest watch for the hottest day in Hong Kong

💦Best way to cool down the record high 36.1 degrees celcius (97F) here in Hong Kong 🇭🇰.
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harrisc852 ·

Hong Kong 🇭🇰

anyone here from Hong Kong 🇭🇰? would love to connect 🤝
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harrisc852 ·

Photo quality on WC

@Max love WC and thanks for creating a community for watch enthusiasts! I know the team is working on a native app for best experience, but can you tr...
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harrisc852 ·

State of my current collection

With the latest addition of Tudor North Flag and IWC Tribute to 3705, I thought it would be great to bring all my pieces together for a full collectio...
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harrisc852 ·

Underappreciated and overengineered?

The North Flag has been getting a lot of wrist time lately and has become my favorite Tudor. Love the fact that it’s rare and now discontinued. And it...
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